Ruben Lundqvist
Having some downtime [Tag: Kaye]
Fri Jun 16, 2017 00:00

Slouching further into the grey cushions at the side of the fireplace, Ruben glowered at the ignorant firstie presently sitting in His Seat on the couch. If someone had told him even a week ago that he was going to actively claim a couch for himself in the Aquila commons, he would've definitely laughed at them the suggestion mostly them for having made the suggestion and a bit at the suggestion itself.

The Swede hadn't expected to feel this possessive over something as dumb as a couch, because it was really a tiny and meaningless thing that he wouldn't usually have thought twice about (if only because he expected people to clear out space for him instantly). However, His Seat was kind of the only thing he had going right now. Outside of meals, all of Ruben's time the past week had been spent either in detention or the isolated classroom Garen had stuffed him in.

The detention he was fine with; he'd been expecting it, since he had taken full credit for Rose's minor beatdown. Rose had managed to get away without any trouble at all which had really been their goal - or more accurately, her goal, and "theirs" by default. The in-school suspension he was much less fine with. Partially because it was totally unjustified, partially because the ridiculous lecture from Garen had somehow cost him his date, partially because he'd been so annoyingly limited by it and apparently the younger students had subsequently forgotten the Golden Rule of his reserved space in the commons.

Ruben normally disliked having to write essays. He disliked it even more when the essays required BSing reasons why he was "in the wrong". He further disliked it when so much of his time was spent writing (or staring at the wall) in an empty classroom that he apparently lost His Seat in the commons. Pffft.

Pulling his hair over one shoulder, Ruben turned his slouch into a full-on lie-down, head propped up on the fireplace against one of the cushions. His grumpy stare up at the ceiling might have continued indefinitely, since he was bored and couldn't do anything about it, but then a familiar face passed by. "Kaye." He threw up an arm in something that was kind of a wave and kind of a flop. "Finally, a sane person."

    • I guess I can be entertainment - Kaye Packman, Mon Jun 19 23:58
      Kaye couldn’t wait to go home. Term was almost over, and she felt that it was going on just a bit too long. Sure, Rocky Mountain International had lots of things to do, but the transfer used to go to ... more
      • That's what I need you for! - Ruben, Wed Jun 21 23:46
        Kaye's flopping down with him resulted in one of Ruben's legs getting squished. He poked at her mock-grumpily, but he didn't actually mind. Being put in suspension had resulted in a far greater... more
        • Kaye squirmed at Ruben’s poke, deciding to make herself more comfortable on his leg. Kaye was someone who didn’t mind physical contact. She’d get all snuggly with pretty much anyone after knowing... more
          • Blue eyes blinked at the girl half-sitting on his legs. Well, that was just a weird proposal. "You are weird," he informed her, matter-of-fact. Naming insects didn't exactly make the top spot on... more
            • Pleasant is totally subjective though - Kaye, Sat Jun 24 23:18
              "You are weird.” “And you’re Swedish,” Kaye replied instantly, “Why are we stating facts?” The Aquila briefly considered explaining to her housemate that the name was inspired by a Russian Spider-Man ... more
              • “Well, not everyone can have your luscious locks, Rapunzel.” Ruben blinked. It took him a moment to place the word, but he used to read the Grimm stories to Anssi before bed (translated versions, of... more
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