Ruben Lundqvist
Free time = naptime. Interrupt at your own risk. *coughRose*
Mon Jun 19, 2017 04:06

Ruben had completed yet another day of sitting in an empty classroom "doing schoolwork" (i.e. a cycle of staring at the wall fantasizing about the mountains, hammering out sets of push-ups, snacking on whatever he'd managed to sneak into his pockets at breakfast, staring at the ceiling fantasizing about Holland, half-heartedly reminding himself that such fantasies were Rude since they were technically broken up now, fantasizing about other people instead, using a stack of chairs for improvised weight-lifting, napping, practicing diving-rolls off the desk, practicing doing it backwards when that got boring, and then, if time permitted, flipping through a textbook to slap together something resembling work for whatever professor had been assigned to check in on him).

Pretty quickly in, he had been able to find various ways to pass the time more productively without making it too obvious to the faculty, but the Swede was still rather pissed off with the whole matter. It was a waste of everyone's time, especially his. Ruben had concluded within the first day that "suspension" was a concept designed by idiots who couldn't appreciate all the complicated layers of situations, impatient judgemental idiots who just wanted to slap a nej on the easiest party and just label them the villain and let everyone else run around without recognizing any other ideas about it.

Of course, this was a conclusion he was keeping to himself, because anyone who heard him explain it would probably assume he was taling about Garen. Ruben didn't blame the counsellor for it; there had obviously been idiots higher up the ladder who'd first had the dim lightbulb about doing "suspensions" in schools. But Garen surely followed their beliefs, or else the man wouldn't have suspended him. So he was a bit of an idiot. Again, not an explanation he needed to share. Marissa seemed pretty fond of her grandfather and Ruben had no interest in hurting her feelings.

When he sauntered back into the Commons after a hard day's work (hah), Ruben saw that His Seat had been left free tonight. In fact, the whole couch was somehow empty. Awesome. Internally, he offered the misfortunate firstie who'd stolen His Seat the other day a mental, condescending you didn't screw up this time pat on the back that may or may not have been strong enough to knock the kid over if it had happened externally. Externally, Ruben made a straight line for it, dropped his textbook stuffed with looseleaf on the floor, and flopped down, where he promptly stretched out his legs to comfortably occupy more than half the couch. He let his head fall against the couch's back and, taking a moment to extricate his long hair so that it draped over the back, closed his eyes for a nap.

Or maybe more than a nap. Maybe he'd just sleep here tonight. He was already suspended, which was supposedly the worst thing that could possibly happen outside of expulsion (Ruben snorted at the thought), so whatever, right?

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