Kaye Packman
I guess I can be entertainment
Mon Jun 19, 2017 23:58

Kaye couldn’t wait to go home.

Term was almost over, and she felt that it was going on just a bit too long. Sure, Rocky Mountain International had lots of things to do, but the transfer used to go to school in the middle of Chicago. After class, there were things to do. There weren’t curfews – besides the one set forth by her dads – and when she had to go home, there was internet. All four televisions in the house had access to streaming. She’d be able to Netflix binge in the kitchen, the living room, her room, and, if truly desperate, her dads’ room.

At RMI, she could venture to Pearl Street when she was bored. And the passageways were neat, she supposed, but seemed like they’d be more interesting if she had a partner in crime to explore them with. She could go to the Library and read some books – ugh, learning. There were probably other places at the school to explore. She’d only been there since midterm, and other people seemed to adore the campus. That required friends, though, and she only had, like, half friends.

The pale girl, who’d wore a purple and teal ombre wig that day, walked back from the Finer Diner, deciding that sleeping would be better than being awake and bored. Her dads had sent her a few novels they thought might be interesting, but, well, see above. It’d be nice to change out of her killer outfit, which featured lots of laces and belts, into a tank top and sweat pants. Fashion, while fabulous, wasn’t always comfortable.

She had homework, but she’d leave it until the last minute. She knew herself well enough. Classes for Kaye were quite easy, which means the homework was just as easy. What took some students a week to finish would only take her a full night without sleep; it’d take her maybe a couple more hours if she was really inspired.

Kaye was a master of the Aquila entrance by now, even in ridiculously heeled boots. She had a variety of poses to use, and today she chose the superhero landing. She straightened up and started to make her way to her room, already imagining how heavenly it’d be to sleep for ages and avoid responsibility. These precursors to actual dreams were interrupted when she heard her name.

"Finally, a sane person.”

“What’s up?” Kaye plopped down next to – or possibly onto, she wasn’t paying attention to where his legs were – Ruben on the couch. She yawned and reached for one of her boots. She unzipped one of the boots, reveling in the glory of a bare foot. “Here, I brought you a pastry from that café on Pearl Street. It’s in my bag,” she motioned to the leathery thing still on her shoulder and didn’t mention whether or not she paid for the cellophane wrapped thing, “It’s probably not crushed; it’s mostly makeup in there.” And maybe some things that just ended up in her bag throughout her Pearl Street adventures or from searching through her roommate’s jewelry stash; she didn’t mention that, either. There might’ve been a wallet or two that didn’t belong to her, too.

…what? She’d been bored. Term needed to end.

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    • I guess I can be entertainment - Kaye Packman, Mon Jun 19 23:58
      • That's what I need you for! - Ruben, Wed Jun 21 23:46
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            • Pleasant is totally subjective though - Kaye, Sat Jun 24 23:18
              "You are weird.” “And you’re Swedish,” Kaye replied instantly, “Why are we stating facts?” The Aquila briefly considered explaining to her housemate that the name was inspired by a Russian Spider-Man ... more
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