Professor Robert Hier
Head of House Speech, Continued
Wed Jan 11, 2017 05:32

Once all of the students had successfully jumped down the hole, they all found themselves standing in the Aquila Common Room in front of a perfectly normal looking door. There hadn’t been a rough landing; one minute they’d jumped into the hole and the next they were just standing there. Or in Rob’s case, sitting there.

The Commons were more streamlined than other places in the school, with sleek, yet comfortable furniture in the House colors - cream and gray - scattered around the large room. There were tables to do homework at and a fireplace with a mantle above it that held any number of board games, from Wizard’s Chess to Settlers of Catan. There were also more board games - and space to play them - in the game room that was opposite where the hole spit out arriving students. Behind the fireplace was an entrance to the Secret Passageways, but the Potions professor wasn’t about to tell the students about it; finding the Passageways was at least half the fun.

While he waited for his students to finish arriving, Rob impatiently rolled back and forth. The flames on his wheel covers turned as slowly as his wheels did, and Rob hoped his students noticed them. One of the best parts about using a chair was being able to use wheelchair covers. For the most part, Rob preferred his flames but sometimes he changed the covers for festive occasions or to make a particular point. If he’d been any good at Charms he could have had some fun with it, but he wasn’t so he didn’t. Being on staff with his former professors - or well, adult figures - was weird as hell otherwise he might ask McKindy to help him out on that front.

“So like I said,” Rob continued his speech from the hallway. “I’m Rob, I’m your Head of House so I’m responsible for making sure you don’t die or cause too much trouble.” Emphasis on too much. Rob wasn’t sure what Headmaster Bonilla had expected of him, but ‘disciplinarian’ was not a word that could be used to describe Rob, now or ever. “This is where you’ll be living for the next several years. Girls’ dorms on the left, boys’ on the right, and if you try to go up a staircase that doesn’t match your gender, you’ll drop through the stairs right into the Headmaster’s office, so I’d avoid doing that. Also,” Rob added, as an afterthought, recalling something that had happened in his time at RMI, “don’t use that as a shortcut to get to the Head’s office otherwise I’ll probably have to give you detention or something.”

“Anyway, here at RMI we have a couple of different extracurriculars for you. Quidditch tryouts will be soon - you’ll be able to sign up on the bulletin board,” Rob gestured to the board, behind them on the left. “We also have a school newspaper, Rocky Voices, and a Dueling Club. Notices will go up about those as the school year gets rolling, so just keep an eye on the bulletin board there.”

The brown-haired man continued to describe the basics of living at RMI - classes, breakfast, etc. - while his brown eyes took in the students in front of him. None of them looked like they were about to vomit from anxiety or anything so he figured he was doing a good job.

“All right, that’s the talk,” Rob finished. “Curfew is at ten, be back in the Commons by then. Feel free to come talk to me if you need anything - my office is in the Admin wing I showed you earlier. Oh also,” he had forgotten. “If you have any Muggle electronics, music players or digital watches or whatever, they won’t work here. You’ll have to ask Professor McKindy or Professor Taylor to charm them for you so they will. It’s a magical fields thing, apparently.” The same reason you had to be careful with magic around potions, or so Rob thought.

“Also,” the man called as the students began to turn away. “You guys probably didn’t figure it out,” he grinned, “but this is my first year as Head of House, so I brought you guys a surprise.” Rob gestured at one of the long tables to the right, which had a large box of brightly colored cupcakes in it. “Feel free to have as many as you like!”

Rob waved, and left the Commons through the door behind them, which left him sitting casually in the dead end of the hallway they had originally dropped down through.

Of course, what the students didn’t know was that the cupcakes had been made with a special potion that would turn the students’ voices high and squeaky for about two hours after consumption. The potion would take twenty or thirty minutes to kick in, so with any luck he’d be able to get some of the upper year students with his prank too.

Rob grinned to himself and rolled off to the suite where he and Celia lived. It was going to be a good year.

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