That's what I need you for!
Wed Jun 21, 2017 23:46

Kaye's flopping down with him resulted in one of Ruben's legs getting squished. He poked at her mock-grumpily, but he didn't actually mind. Being put in suspension had resulted in a far greater decrease to his usually not-too-social life than he had expected. Add that to breaking up with Holland and the teen was now also totally lacking physical contact (minus the random slow-walking younger student whom he'd casually tripped in the hall on his way to the Diner this morning) (not that that kind of contact could hardly compare to what he and Holland had gotten up to). It annoyed him more than he wanted to admit.

"There is a spider," he informed Kaye, gesturing up at the web, equal parts answering her question (if too literally) and making a point about how damn boring his life had suddenly become. Propping himself up a little on one elbow, he watched as the today-purple-haired girl managed to strip off her excellent monstrosity of a boot. "Graceful," he joked before perking up further at the mention of pastries. "You did? Aww, how nice of you." It had admittedly not been too long since his last Pearl Street visit, the whole dumb punishment thing having only really kicked in recently, but the freedom of wandering up there was yet another thing Ruben was grumpy about. The main reasons why he went to Pearl Street were either to eat food, smoke a little, or hang out with Holland and his/hens friends - he made a distinction in their joint friendgroup because there were really only a couple that overlapped, and the rest of Holland's friends, like Emmett and Russell, he just found weird.

Grabbing her bag, Ruben opened it and began poking through. His grumpiness wore off pretty quickly into this task, lips twisting into a grin. He knew enough about Kaye's habits not to be surprised at how full her bag was, but its exact contents were amusing regardless.

"You have a most interesting taste in makeup." The idle remark was paired by a snort of laughter as he pulled out a painted dolphin figurine. There was some kind of twisty gold ring jammed on its snout. Ruben detached it and held it out to Kaye for inspection before returning to his investigation. A fork, more lipsticks than he knew what to do with, and a matching twisty gold necklace later... "Åh, finally!" The napkin-wrapped, slightly misshapen lump smelled like cinnamon. Excellent. Within less than five seconds, Ruben had unwrapped it and taken a bite, verifying that the pastry tasted as great as it smelled. The Swede took a couple more enthusiastic chomps and then, spying something through the opening of the bag, offered the rest of the pastry to Kaye. "I think I need both hands for this."

Where Kaye had gotten the wallet of a fifty-something-year-old man (Ruben didn't care enough to do the exact math on his birthdate), he didn't know, but as he rifled through it, he concluded that it was probably Pearl Street again. There was only Muggle money in it, at least, which was probably a sign. "Barber," he observed, pulling out a business card and eyeing it skeptically. "What a sad job."

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    • That's what I need you for! - Ruben, Wed Jun 21 23:46
      • Kaye squirmed at Ruben’s poke, deciding to make herself more comfortable on his leg. Kaye was someone who didn’t mind physical contact. She’d get all snuggly with pretty much anyone after knowing... more
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