Then it's a good thing that's my strength!
Thu Jun 22, 2017 20:16

Kaye squirmed at Ruben’s poke, deciding to make herself more comfortable on his leg. Kaye was someone who didn’t mind physical contact. She’d get all snuggly with pretty much anyone after knowing them for approximately ninety seconds. The Aquila probably had boundary issues. No one had objected yet. Ruben’s knee was bony, though, and she quickly changed positions, sliding back so her legs were over his instead of sitting directly on him. His leg was way too pointy; it needed a cushion.

“Oh, so there is,” Kaye nodded up at the spider. She didn’t mind them too much, as long as they didn’t invade her personal space or sneak up on her. It could stay on its web. That was a good spot for it. “Have you named it yet? You should name it.”

Kaye tried to think of good spider names while Ruben rummaged through her bag. Natasha could be good, because that was the name of the Black Widow. So the name belonged to a spider themed superheroine, and the character happened to be Russian. It was totally better than naming it Peter. They could name it Venom, but that was just setting up the spider to be a real disappointment. You couldn’t be named Venom and not follow through with being all venomous. Or was it poisonous? There was a difference, but Kaye went to a magic school, so there wasn’t a lot of science going on.

Well, she took Magizoobotany; that’d probably show up in the text book sooner or later.

Hopefully that wasn’t a magical spider.

“We could name it Miles. Or Gwen. Or Mattie. Oh – or Kraven the Hunter,” she rattled off all of the Spiderman characters she knew of that weren’t Peter Parker, “Yeah, that’d be a really good spider name. Kraven the Hunter.”

Kaye took the ring presented by Ruben and fit it onto her pinky. She held her hand up to examine it in the light. If she knew for sure what the spider’s name was, she might have asked its opinion, too. Things had gotten that boring around here while the last few weeks of school dragged on: she actively considered asking the unnamed spider for fashion opinions. There were very few people in the school whose opinions she trusted with fashion and makeup and everything. One was her roommate, and the thought of having a conversation with the vapid girl nearly made her laugh out loud. The other was Holland, and Kaye was self-aware enough to know she’d forget what her question was next time she saw Holland. Plus, they didn’t seem the type to be cool with the whole pick pocket thing.

“Wait, he was a barber?” Kaye said through a mouthful of leftover pastry, reaching for the wallet in Ruben’s hand. “Lame. His jacket looked so much more expensive than Barber.” Kaye knew Ruben was suspended or whatever, but that sounded more like a suggestion than something that could be seriously reinforced. Like, no one was following Ruben around to make sure he was in the commons right now. Pearl Street would have been a lot more fun if he went with her, and he’d be good at pointing out people, because she was clearly getting rusty. Seriously, a barber?

Kaye sighed to emphasize how disappointed in her haul she was. The teal-and-purple haired girl pocketed a twenty and two fives from the small thing (score, more money for those boots!) and fished out a gift card for a coffee shop from one of the pockets. She handed it to Ruben. “There might be money on this still. Here, use it to treat Holland before you go home for break.”

  • That's what I need you for! - Ruben, Wed Jun 21 23:46
    Kaye's flopping down with him resulted in one of Ruben's legs getting squished. He poked at her mock-grumpily, but he didn't actually mind. Being put in suspension had resulted in a far greater... more
    • Then it's a good thing that's my strength! - Kaye, Thu Jun 22 20:16
      • Blue eyes blinked at the girl half-sitting on his legs. Well, that was just a weird proposal. "You are weird," he informed her, matter-of-fact. Naming insects didn't exactly make the top spot on... more
        • Pleasant is totally subjective though - Kaye, Sat Jun 24 23:18
          "You are weird.” “And you’re Swedish,” Kaye replied instantly, “Why are we stating facts?” The Aquila briefly considered explaining to her housemate that the name was inspired by a Russian Spider-Man ... more
          • “Well, not everyone can have your luscious locks, Rapunzel.” Ruben blinked. It took him a moment to place the word, but he used to read the Grimm stories to Anssi before bed (translated versions, of... more
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