Now, let's just stay on pleasant topics, and everyone wins
Sat Jun 24, 2017 22:11

Blue eyes blinked at the girl half-sitting on his legs. Well, that was just a weird proposal. "You are weird," he informed her, matter-of-fact. Naming insects didn't exactly make the top spot on Ruben's list of priorities. It wasn't at the bottom of the list, either, because it had not occurred to him that naming insects was even a thing people did until Kaye brought it up. She'd said that he should name it, which made no sense - why should he be the one to do that? He literally didn't care. Literally. But Kaye had followed her assignment of naming duties by muttering a random sequence of names. Ruben interpreted this to mean that she was going to take over. All right by him.

The name that she had apparently decided on was almost as weird as her decision to name it. "Kraven the Hunter?" Ruben echoed, tearing his eyes off a glint in the depths of her bag that hinted vaguely at a wristwatch. "Is not 'kraven' a type of bird? If you wanted a pet, you could get a real bird instead of confusing a spider," he pointed out with a grin. Wizards kept some pretty strange animals as pets, but Ruben was certain that amongst the standard owls and cats and less-standard snakes and lizards at Durmstrang, he had never come across a student who kept insects for fun. He was also certain that it would come as little surprise if Kaye decided to not only name the spider, but lure it up to her dorm and try to tame it or train it or whatever one could do with spiders. Ruben had nothing against spiders, but he also didn't find them particularly interesting.

"Ja, barber." He scoffed at her comment that the man's jacket had looked expensive. "Overpaid, probably. Anyone can cut off hair." Camilla came immediately to mind, and Ruben allowed himself a moment to internally re-live that moment in Dueling Club where he'd tackled her. They still weren't anywhere near 'even' and obviously never would be, because the only way to even the score was if he had the opportunity to hack off her own hair in return, and that was not going to happen. Supposedly, his buddy EJ was connected to Camilla; they hadn't had much time to talk since both of them were suspended and in different Houses, too, but Ruben already knew that if the two sixth-years did have something going on, he couldn't get too involved. EJ was a good friend to have. "Hair maintenance is the area of real talent." Caught up in his own leftover grumpiness about being bald scalped, Ruben nodded to Kaye with a belated and mostly insincere "Sorry". Kaye's lack of hair was sad, but she didn't seem to care at all, so he tried not to care either, but that was hard because hair.

"Here, use it to treat Holland before you go home for break."

Hmph. A reminder. Ruben wasn't the type to complain when his social life went badly. This was partially because his social life was always going fairly well, and partially because why should anyone know when it wasn't? So he knew that Kaye didn't know about their breakup. This did not change how annoying it was to be reminded.

Looking at the gift card, Ruben hmph'd again (out loud this time) and handed it back to Kaye. "That will be hard, since I cannot go on Pearl Street, and also since I do not think Holland would let me buy a treat for hen. Holland chose to break up with me." He didn't have the best poker face, and his facial expression right now clearly said how he felt about this. The number of cases in which Ruben had been broken up with were exactly zero - well, now one, thanks to a person he'd actually liked at this dumb school and hens resistance to understanding how what he had done for EJ and Rose had made complete sense given the circumstances.

He had been poking idly in Kaye's bag throughout this and now pulled out what looked like an old food wrapper. Ruben crumpled it up and flicked it towards the kids on His Couch. "Why do you not treat someone here instead with the card?"

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    • Now, let's just stay on pleasant topics, and everyone wins - Ruben, Sat Jun 24 22:11
      • Pleasant is totally subjective though - Kaye, Sat Jun 24 23:18
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