But we're obviously gonna follow my pleasant, here
Sun Jun 25, 2017 19:36

“Well, not everyone can have your luscious locks, Rapunzel.”

Ruben blinked. It took him a moment to place the word, but he used to read the Grimm stories to Anssi before bed (translated versions, of course; Anssi had been pretty incapable of understanding English at the time and was still not so great at it) and slowly it came to mind. Rapunzel was the long-haired chick, the one who’d been shut up in a tower and then wandered around with her blind husband lost in the woods or something. Just your typical weird fairytale. “I am hardly a princess,” he scoffed good-naturedly, flipping his hair back and not paying attention to whether it hit Kaye. Fan, it was nice having longer hair. “And I would never let anyone to climb on my hair. That is a very poor treatment.”

His brief moment of moping complaining reminiscing about his now-ex was interrupted by Kaye crumpling up what looked like old note-paper. Ruben accepted both the interruption and the ball of paper gladly. He was about to throw it straight at the kids, but Kaye’s sudden outburst had an even better effect on them. Laughing, he shook his head at Kaye. “What was that, a grindylow mating call? If that is how you attract your dates, you would have more luck with the spider!” he pointed out with a smirk.

The smirk quickly turned into an eyeroll. Again with the Rapunzel thing. “Such a very unique nickname,” he mock-complimented, deadpan. “I have never heard that one before.” Technically true, at least up until five or so minutes ago when Kaye had used it. “But who?” He shrugged and, eyeing the kids on the couch, decided that they looked to have settled down after their little post-Kaye-screeching freakout. Perfect timing to chuck the wad of paper at them. He did so, and snickered when it bounced off one of their heads. “Who knows? Someone who can braid, I hope. This is the only important criteria.” The statement was equal parts joking and serious as it occurred to him for the first time that, damnit, Holland was the best at hairstyling. Hen had amazing eyes for braids, and fingers and…

“But you,” he continued, switching the focus back to Kaye, “you have many options beyond Kraven. And many who would appreciate a café date more than Kraven, too, I think. What if you ask…” Ruben paused, mentally tallying up the others in her yeargroup. Emmett and the glasses kid were the only male fourth-years. Both pretty ridiculous options. He wasn’t sure if Kaye was into girls, too, but even if she was, the only fourth-year girls were her roommate (attractive but repulsive, from what he understood) or that quiet bookworm in Draco. Moving up to the fifth-years had more students, but also some weird circles already going on. Also Holland.

“Okay,” he said decisively, “my only votes for you are Saad, or the poltergeist. For a date, that is. To just take out someone casually - ah, why not your roommate? It might be your best chance to poison her. Optimism!” Ruben smirked. “Actually, yes, I challenge you to do this. Take someone to Pearl Street. Finding that card is a sign.”

  • Pleasant is totally subjective though - Kaye, Sat Jun 24 23:18
    "You are weird.” “And you’re Swedish,” Kaye replied instantly, “Why are we stating facts?” The Aquila briefly considered explaining to her housemate that the name was inspired by a Russian Spider-Man ... more
    • But we're obviously gonna follow my pleasant, here - Ruben, Sun Jun 25 19:36
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