Professor Eva Ramirez
Head of House Speech, Sort of, Continued
Fri Jul 7, 2017 00:23

After Eva jumped down the hole, she was just standing in the Aquila common room. She didn’t fall and land… she was just there. She had expected the transition between falling and not to be jarring, but it wasn’t. She allowed an eyebrow to tick up at the physical implications before the students arrived after her.

The Commons were more streamlined than other places in the school, with sleek, yet comfortable furniture in the House colors - cream and gray - scattered around the large room. There were tables to do homework at and a fireplace with a mantle above it that held any number of board games, from Wizard’s Chess to Settlers of Catan. There were also more board games - and space to play them - in the game room that was opposite where the hole spit out arriving students.

“Welcome to the Aquila common room,” she told the first-years. “I’m Professor Ramirez, I teach Astronomy. Your Head of House, Rob Hier, was unfortunately unable to attend the feast tonight, but he’ll be introducing himself to you at the earliest opportunity. You’ll have no trouble recognizing him, he stands out in a crowd.

“I’m sure you’ll soon find out that Aquila house has a bit of a reputation. It’s no coincidence the administrative offices are right next door, so try very hard not to get caught getting into too much trouble.” Eva let a small grin appear on her face as she said this.

She gestured to the two staircases behind the students. “Girls on the left, boys on the right. Please do not attempt to climb each others staircases, the headmaster will not thank you.”

“Important announcements will be posted on the bulletin board. Curfew is at ten, be sure to always be back here before then. Oh, and you’ll find electronics will not work at all at RMI, although if asked nicely professors McKindy and Taylor have been known to enchant them so they will.”

“Until Rob is able to introduce himself, please feel free to come to me with anything you need, my office is in the admin quarters just next door. Have a good night, and welcome to Rocky Mountain International!”

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