Perhaps I shouldn't let my big mouth run?
Wed Jan 11, 2017 22:11

Lilly-Anna was quite overwhelmed by what was going on around her. Magical dreamcatchers that teleport you to wherever you need to go? Colored fires with little elves serving food?! By the way, who knew elves looked like that, huh? More like what Lilly-Anna felt goblins looked like, though she had heard those were real too. Everyone, everyone said she was crazy to believe in it all. Elves, pixies, Santa Claus. Now look where she was! A witch!

She ate plate after plate of food, never used to being able to have whatever she wanted to eat. Her parents had raised her that she was to eat what was on her plate or nothing at all. How rude that was of them! Yes RMI was where she belonged, that was for sure. Not with those non-magic people who teased her for the things she knew was true. Her parents took a little longer to come around to the idea of her being a witch, but that was okay.

Listening to Professor Rob as they walked... or he wheeled... was dizzying to Lilly-Anna. How in the world was she to remember where all of these things were, listen to all of these rules, navigate all of these tunnels and...


Lilly-Anna's face broke out into a huge grin. If the guy in a wheelchair decided falling into a hole was a good idea, Lilly-Anna thought so too. Taking a running start, she was one of the first of the pack to jump into the hole with a shrill "IIIIEEEEEEE!!!" screech.

She landed on her feet with no jerking motion or any indication that she had fallen, which was rather disorienting. Looking around the common room she took in the colors (cream... boring) and scenery (fireplace was cool, she heard you can teleport with those), and the other kids around her (did she look that wide-eyed too?). She patiently listened to the Professor finish his speech, but she was itching to explore and find out everything she could about this place. Something he said perked her ears though. His first year too? That made him just like her. That was so cool!

She eyed the cupcakes on the table, temptation setting in. Yes they were for the kids to take, that's not why she held back. Being still stuffed from dinner was making her consider perhaps not taking one. A few other kids had gone over to take one, which made Lilly-Anna want it more. Inching her way closer and closer to the colorful display, she found her path blocked by someone cutting in front of her.

Stamping one foot down she huffed out a large puff of air. "Some people! I tell you." She muttered under her breath. She let out a squeak of surprise when the person had, it seemed heard her. Oh dear, her big mouth!

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    • Perhaps I shouldn't let my big mouth run? - Lilly-Anna, Wed Jan 11 22:11
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