Rose Farnon
Let's do a little more mischief, shall we?
Sat Feb 24, 2018 13:25

Sometimes Rose studied in the commonroom, usually when the library was giving her a headache or she wanted to avoid running into her friends. She was stressed enough about college applications that she wasn’t even spending that much time with Marissa, which was something that had literally never happened. If the seventeen-year-old were a little more aware of the world around her, she might have considered how Marissa felt about that, but as things were Rose couldn’t take her mind off the applications themselves. Even studying felt like it was time taken away from polishing her essays, and Rose usually enjoyed studying. She was even spending less time on the Pitch. It was all a bit silly, but the applications were due soon and she wanted to get Mr. Tennant to read over her essays one more time before she sent them in so they had to be as perfect as possible.

But what she was doing now was trying to focus on ancient Babylonian for the Spellwork class she was taking with Professor McKindy. The more she learned about what he actually did outside of class, the more Rose realised that he was a literal genius and probably could be doing something a lot better than teaching Spellwork at a school.

Kids were slowly trickling into the commonroom but most people were staying there rather than going up to the dorms. Aquilas were usually pretty social and liked to hang around the commons. There were some exceptions, but it was usually a good bet that you’d find a fair number of Aquilas spending their free time in the common area.

Rose had made the questionable decision of sitting by the Aquila door, and she kept getting distracted by the students who were coming in. If she saw Marissa, Rose was planning to ask her if she wanted to study together. So far she hadn’t seen Marissa, though, even though her head popped up out of her book every time someone walked by. The fifth or sixth time she had been disrupted - maybe moving to another chair would be better - it was Ruben. He looked a bit fussed about something and Rose noticed who it was too late to try and trip him anyway, but then something positively delightful happened. Ruben, the obnoxious idiot who was so full of himself all the time, fell into the staircase.

Barely preventing herself from disrupting the entire commonroom with her laughter, Rose took a second before she started thinking about what had happened. Ruben was definitely a boy and he’d definitely been going up the boys’ staircase, so there was no reason for him to have fallen down it. Unless - someone had to have switched the staircases as a prank.

It was probably Professor Rob.

The short seventh-year stood up and put her book down on the table, then casually walked over to the boys’ staircase, took a breath, and tentatively put a foot down. Nothing happened. She put another foot down. Still nothing. Tentatively, but gaining confidence as she went, Rose climbed the staircase and then looked around from the top. Nobody seemed to really notice. Oh, this was excellent.

It didn’t take too long for Rose to figure out which room was Ruben’s (the floor plan was similar on both sides of the dorms, which made sense) and once she did she all but rubbed her hands together in glee. Oh, this was excellent.

Ruben was a tricky guy, so Rose was very careful not to disturb anything as she walked around his room placing unpleasant charms in as many places as possible. On Ruben’s pillow, Rose left an enchantment that would be triggered by weight - as soon as the blonde brat put his head down on it, a truly terrible smell would emanate from the pillow and engulf him. Inside a pair of shoes she found, she placed a charm that would make the shoes slowly shrink once his feet were inside them. Rose found a book and, with a quick wave of her wand, made all the text in it invisible.

She giggled.

Moving on and picking up another book, Rose enchanted it to scream in an irritating, high-pitched voice the next time it was opened. Happy with what she’d done in the room, the Aquila moved to Ruben’s bathroom where she quickly performed some creative spells. First, Rose charmed Ruben’s toothbrush to taste like orange juice. With any luck, the toothpaste he used was mint and he’d get the disgusting orange juice-mint taste stuck in his mouth. Then she put a sneaky hex on his shampoo. This one was a creative take on what Holland had taught her about charms that changed hair color. With any luck, the next time Ruben shampooed his hair it would turn a very unfortunate shade of green. Just to make sure she hadn’t left anything out, Rose charmed the floor of Ruben’s shower to be extremely slippery, then left the bathroom. She took a look around the room and, satisfied, walked out the door.

Rose considered the doorway for a moment, then casually placed a tripping jinx in it. Just for fun. Then she made her way down the staircase, doing her best to look concerned instead of gleeful. Once off the stairs, Rose turned around and contemplated both sets of stairs. There was merit to letting Professor Rob’s prank play out, but could she really do that and also pretend like she was being a responsible Head Student? And then there was the question of Ruben’s room. Rose was pretty sure that Kaye Packman would jump at the opportunity to steal things from Ruben, but she didn’t want the younger girl messing with the work she had already done. Hm.

Not yet done deciding what was going on, Rose noticed out of the corner of her eye someone clearly heading towards the staircases.

“Be careful,” she called out. “I think Professor Rob is pranking us again.”

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