Marissa Kendrick (mostly)
I can be persuaded
Sat Mar 3, 2018 20:59

Marissa Kendrick was always of the opinion that if she didn’t have anything nice to say, then she really needed to keep her mouth shut. That was, of course, unless the unkind thing would be helpful to say. Then she’d be saying something not so nice, but it’d be out of kindness with the best intentions backing it up. The redhead was known to start of sentences with “I love you, but…” when talking to her friends every once in a while. It only happened when they most deserved it. When it came to not her friends, she found it best to not say anything at all.

With Kaye Packman following her to Aquila, Marissa was starting to re-think that mindset.

“I’m just saying,” Kaye continued, clearly not understanding what it meant to be told no, “It’s your show.”

Marissa turned the corner and let out a very calming breath. Then, she answered in a tone that could only be described as one reserved for teachers trying to get something across to their dumbest student. “Again, Kaye, it’s not my show. It’s Garen’s. Because he’s the director and in charge of the Drama club.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Kaye’s heels clicked along right behind Marissa, all the way to the entrance of Aquila. “It’d just be hilarious if Heather was my understudy. You know, in case I have a really bad flair and I need one.”

“I’m not asking Garen to make Heather your understudy. If you’re that worried, you can do it yourself.”

With that, the seventh year jumped through the hole and landed with a slight stumble in the Aquila common room. She usually made clean landings, but she’d just come from an early dinner with a friend at the dance studio. They were both of age in the wizarding world, so dinner included a couple (or more) drinks. She felt a little fuzzy in a good way, and she hoped that Kaye would leave her alone long enough for that happy, fuzzy feeling to come back. The dinner helped her get a handle on what dance pieces she’d record for a scholarship video. Thankfully, it seemed like Kaye wasn’t following her into Aquila after all, and Marissa would be free to go take a nice long nap in her room.

“Be careful. I think Professor Rob is pranking us again.”

Marissa blinked several times, her freckle brow wrinkling in confusion, and looked around for her best friend’s voice. It came from the top of the stairs to the boys’ rooms, which made absolutely no sense. “What? Rose – how? What? How are you up there?”

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    Sometimes Rose studied in the commonroom, usually when the library was giving her a headache or she wanted to avoid running into her friends. She was stressed enough about college applications that... more
    • I can be persuaded - Marissa Kendrick (mostly), Sat Mar 3 20:59
      • I suspect it won't take much - Rose, Sat Mar 10 11:32
        It was Marissa, which was kind of great because Rose had been looking for her anyway, but also kind of not because Rose wasn’t sure how she would take the pranks she had just pulled on Ruben. On the... more
        • It only takes a moment - Marissa, Fri Mar 16 14:45
          “That’s weird,” Marissa agreed, frowning a little at the staircases. What an odd prank. Professor Rob didn’t really pull pranks that might get other students into trouble. She didn’t know what kind... more
          • What kind of moment? - Rose, Wed Mar 28 21:05
            “I do not,” Rose protested, trailing after Marissa with one look over her shoulder to make sure the tape was still around the bannisters behind her. True, Rose didn’t need Marissa’s help, but she... more
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