I suspect it won't take much
Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:32

It was Marissa, which was kind of great because Rose had been looking for her anyway, but also kind of not because Rose wasn’t sure how she would take the pranks she had just pulled on Ruben. On the one hand, Marissa seemed to be over the Ruben thing - she was spending a weird amount of time with Russell instead, which was a downgrade if Rose had ever seen one - but on the other hand, Marissa had also been pretty mad when Rose had punched Camilla for her. So even though Rose’s primary motivation for sneaking into Ruben’s room and making his future life miserable had been what he had done to Marissa, she was hesitant to share that information with her friend on the off chance that she was really upset by it. Rose decided to tell Marissa later, once they were both safely in their room and out of earshot of the rest of Aquila.

“Just testing an idea,” Rose said, taking her last step off the staircase, then turning around to summon bright yellow CAUTION tape that wrapped across the banisters. “It looks like Professor Rob swapped the staircases. Ruben tried to go up the guys’ staircase and fell right down to the Headmaster’s office.” With any luck, Headmaster Toby would really get into it with him. Rose doubted it, mostly because the Headmaster didn’t seem like he had enough of a spine to go up against Ruben. He - Headmaster Toby, not Ruben - seemed sweet, but sweet was not effective against Ruben.

Striding across the room, Rose did the same thing to the girls’ bannisters. There. Now anyone who went up the staircases would be a certified idiot who deserved whatever happened to them. Knowing Professor Rob, this would wear off in a couple of hours and then they could go up to their dorms like normal. It wasn’t a bad prank, Rose had to admit. Professor Rob did usually come up with good ones.

“I was waiting for you actually,” Rose said, heading back toward the couch she had been sitting on before Ruben had fallen down to the Headmaster’s office. “Do you want to study for Defense?” They had a theory exam coming up in the next couple of days, and Rose wanted to be ready. “I’ll quiz you on counterspells if you’ll quiz me on the latest batch of magical creatures.” Sometimes Rose was pretty sure that Marissa’s aunt thought she was teaching Magizoobotany or something, with the amount of magical creature work they did.

  • I can be persuaded - Marissa Kendrick (mostly), Sat Mar 3 20:59
    Marissa Kendrick was always of the opinion that if she didn’t have anything nice to say, then she really needed to keep her mouth shut. That was, of course, unless the unkind thing would be helpful... more
    • I suspect it won't take much - Rose, Sat Mar 10 11:32
      • It only takes a moment - Marissa, Fri Mar 16 14:45
        “That’s weird,” Marissa agreed, frowning a little at the staircases. What an odd prank. Professor Rob didn’t really pull pranks that might get other students into trouble. She didn’t know what kind... more
        • What kind of moment? - Rose, Wed Mar 28 21:05
          “I do not,” Rose protested, trailing after Marissa with one look over her shoulder to make sure the tape was still around the bannisters behind her. True, Rose didn’t need Marissa’s help, but she... more
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