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Fri Mar 16, 2018 14:45

“That’s weird,” Marissa agreed, frowning a little at the staircases. What an odd prank. Professor Rob didn’t really pull pranks that might get other students into trouble. She didn’t know what kind of pranks he played on staff, though. If his favorite thing was to inconvenience other staff members, then maybe this really was a Professor Rob prank. She doubted the new Headmaster was prepared for the number of students that were about to fall into his office. He didn’t seem to be too authoritative or anything, so the results of whatever this prank was would probably be harmless. Probably depended on how long the stairs would stay confused. Things could get pretty dicey if it lasted for a while.

Rose suggested studying for Defense, and Marissa resisted the urge to make a face. Studying was pretty much one of the last things she wanted to do. She liked the idea of going up to her room to talk a nap, but apparently that wasn’t a thing that could happen. The nice fuzzy feeling she had from dinner on Pearl Street was already fading, too.

“It’s not like you need my help,” she pointed out and walked to the couch, accepting that this was her fate for the evening, “You already know everything.” It was true. Rose was always ahead in coursework and, as far as her Aunt Cindra was concerned, her best friend was pretty much ahead of the professor, too. Aunt Cindra seemed to be more on topic this year, which was nice. She mentioned when Marissa came over to babysit Ruby that Headmaster Toby had been wonderful and showed her all of the cool standards that she was supposed to cover as a Defense professor. The redhead found it a little suspicious that Aunt Cindra was teaching, but when she asked Aunt Cosette about the other blonde’s qualifications, her face darkened and she said she didn’t want to talk about it.

Whatever Aunt Cindra did to become qualified for the position was apparently something Marissa wouldn’t want to know.

Marissa frowned at the coursework in front of them and shook her head. Nope, she was not about to sit and be reminded how much smarter Rose was than her. They already had the college stuff for that. “It’s Aunt Cindra; her test is gonna be easy for even me to pass.” She grinned at Rose. “Come on, there has to be something better to do with our time. We could go explore the boy’s side – this might never happen again – or set up the dorm for a sleepover when the younger years start panicking, I guess?”

  • I suspect it won't take much - Rose, Sat Mar 10 11:32
    It was Marissa, which was kind of great because Rose had been looking for her anyway, but also kind of not because Rose wasn’t sure how she would take the pranks she had just pulled on Ruben. On the... more
    • It only takes a moment - Marissa, Fri Mar 16 14:45
      • What kind of moment? - Rose, Wed Mar 28 21:05
        “I do not,” Rose protested, trailing after Marissa with one look over her shoulder to make sure the tape was still around the bannisters behind her. True, Rose didn’t need Marissa’s help, but she... more
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