What kind of moment?
Wed Mar 28, 2018 21:05

ďI do not,Ē Rose protested, trailing after Marissa with one look over her shoulder to make sure the tape was still around the bannisters behind her. True, Rose didnít need Marissaís help, but she could always use a study buddy and Marissa was her go-to. Until this year, anyway. This year things were weird, and Marissa seemed like she was avoiding Rose sometimes, especially when Rose and Holland seemed to be getting along more than they usually did. Not that Rose had ever disliked Holland - their yearmate was weird, but not unlikeable - but Holland was probably the person that Rose was least close to, usually. This year had changed that, since they were applying to the same caliber of schools, something that nobody else in their circle could understand. But the trade-off seemed to have been some of the closeness that Rose had usually shared with Marissa, and that seemed unfair. Was Marissa upset because she felt Holland was replacing her, or maybe because Rose and Emmett had lasted longer than Marissa and Emmett? Rose didnít know. It felt weird.

But Rose didnít want to bring up something possibly contentious when Marissa seemed willing to spend time with her, so she didnít ask - just like she hadnít asked since the beginning of the term.

She scrunched up her nose at the idea of setting things up for the younger years before remembering that she was supposed to be Head Student, along with Holland. ďIf they start panicking this early itís quite possible theyíre in the wrong House,Ē Rose said dryly. Even the first-years had gotten a taste of Professor Robís pranking (some more than others, the seventh-year was sure) and if they hadnít figured out by now that he meant nothing real by it, she supposed they would now. ďI donít want to get in trouble just to find out that none of the boys pick their socks up off the floor,Ē Rose said, which wasnít false. She also didnít want to ruin the surprise for Ruben. ďIf I get a disciplinary action it could be factored into my university applications.Ē

And okay, it was unlikely that Professor Rob would find out, and even more unlikely that if he did find out that he would care, and even more unlikely than that that he would both care and do something about it, but upon mentioning the possibility Rose had realized it was potentially a thing that could happen, and it was definitely scaring her out of the idea of going up the boysí steps again. Ruben wouldnít rat her out, Rose was sure, even if he knew who had pranked his room. In another House, finding a prankster might be a little more straightforward based on motive, but in Aquila half the time people just pranked each other for fun. And it wasnít like Ruben was anything less than an asshole - more people than Rose disliked him, she was sure.

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    ďThatís weird,Ē Marissa agreed, frowning a little at the staircases. What an odd prank. Professor Rob didnít really pull pranks that might get other students into trouble. She didnít know what kind... more
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