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Sat May 12, 2018 14:22

Their IMPs were coming up sooner than they thought, which was why Rose was putting in extra time at the library studying for them. Or at least, that’s what she was telling herself - when it came down to it, there were not enough things to keep her occupied while she waited impatiently to hear back from the universities she had applied to. The majority of them released their decisions at the end of March, which meant that Rose had plenty of time to overthink things. Aside from studying for IMPs, Rose had decided that the most productive thing available to her was to spend time getting excited about the school she did know for sure that she’d gotten into. She was still owling one of the professors at Tift, and was thinking about asking for special permission to leave campus to visit the school in the next couple of weeks. There were a lot of opportunities available at Tift, and weirdly the idea of a women-only campus was starting to be appealing. Nothing against Emmett, and she still hadn’t mentioned that part to Holland who would probably find it “problematic”, but Rose didn’t think she’d mind too much not having male classmates. A lot of the fuss that had been caused in the last couple of years was due to boys, and she could have done without that.

Of course, the most recent fuss hadn’t had anything to do with boys. The entire school had heard about what happened between Claudia and Dade at this point - the slightly singed corridor hadn’t done much to suppress that flow of information, and between Heather, Kit, and that Lemont girl, gossip was pretty free-flowing at RMI. Rose worried, mostly because Dade seemed stranger than usual since that had happened. She had attempted to have a conversation with him to dubiously convey Danny’s statements about Claudia, but at the first mention of the fourth-year, Dade had frozen up and refused to respond to anything. Rose had given up; she had really only tried because it seemed to bother Danny so much, not because she actually believed that Claudia was the harmless little lamb everyone pretended she was. But Dade had made it clear that he could defend himself against her, so Rose wasn’t unduly worried. Unlike Danny, she believed in letting her siblings sort out their own issues. Mostly, anyway.

It was in the interest of clearing those thoughts from her mind that Rose headed to the rec center for a later-than-usual swim. Not a hard workout, just a light one to clear her head. The Aquila swam laps for a little while, then paddled over to the side of the pool to hoist herself out. She was feeling better than she had been before the swim, but could definitely do with a shower. Pulling a blue-and-white tie-dye hoodie over her damp hair and slipping on gray sweats, Rose made her way back to the dorm. She was tired enough that her brain was functioning at a comfortable buzz rather than going into overdrive.

As soon as Rose entered her dorm room, Marissa was excitedly talking at her. It took the English girl a minute to realize what Marissa was saying.

“Ohmygosh congratulations!” Rose squeaked in genuine excitement. She honestly hadn’t kept track of which schools Marissa had applied to, mostly because Marissa refused to talk about college the majority of the time, but getting into any college was the first step they all needed to take. She realized she hadn’t told Marissa that she had got into Tift. In fact, Rose wasn’t entirely sure that she had told Marissa that she had applied to Tift. She opened her mouth with the express purpose of telling Marissa her news (slightly outdated though it was) when -


“That’s great, Marissa,” this time the tone of voice was something approaching faked excitement, but Rose couldn’t manage to really get into it. “Myffi is…” the Welsh girl was a lot of things “nice,” she finished. “I’m going to go shower, I smell of pool,” Rose added, passing Marissa and dropping her bag on her desk as she started stripping off her clothes while simultaneously looking for a clean towel.

  • It's been too long (Rose) - Marissa Kendrick, Tue May 8 20:43
    This had been a perfect day. Marissa could hardly believe her luck. It was like Felix Felices had been inserted directly into her veins and made her entire body feel giddy and warm. Okay, that was... more
    • We do have the most recent thread here... - Rose, Sat May 12 14:22
      • What are they going to do without us? - Marissa, Wed May 16 08:29
        Marissa expected Rose to be excited for her. College was, like, the end all for her friend. It felt like life or death whenever she talked about it. The red-head had a hard time relating to that... more
        • Perish of boredom probably - Rose, Wed May 16 10:38
          Having already pulled her sweats off and with her hoodie halfway over her head, Rose froze as Marissa started - well she wasn’t yelling, but she was certainly way more agitated than was usual for... more
          • We were born to entertain - Marissa , Wed May 16 11:51
            Marissa and Rose never fought. That wasn’t how their friendship worked. They became fast friends, partially because that was just how Marissa worked. As a child, if she’d ever done sleepaway camp or... more
            • Then entertain we shall - Rose, Wed May 16 12:15
              What the pineapple was wrong with Marissa? She should know that Rose didn’t care about Marissa kissing people. As far as Rose was concerned, Marissa could go up to Pearl Street and hang out in a bar... more
              • I think we're managing it pretty well - Marissa, Wed May 16 12:36
                “What the hell?” That was all Marissa could get herself to say at first. A million things swirled through her head. What made Rose think that this was Russell’s fault? Russell didn’t make her feel... more
                • All good things must come to an end - Rose, Wed May 16 12:52
                  ”And - oh my god, honestly, why would I want to talk?” It felt like Marissa had actually punched Rose. The English girl was stunned. She felt physically dizzy and was glad that she was sitting down.... more
                  • It's over - Marissa, Wed May 16 13:23
                    Marissa hated conflict. She hated fighting. She’d never understood the appeal. She liked to be liked, and people who fought… they weren’t liked. It was a solution to a problem that never felt good... more
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