What are they going to do without us?
Wed May 16, 2018 08:29

Marissa expected Rose to be excited for her. College was, like, the end all for her friend. It felt like life or death whenever she talked about it. The red-head had a hard time relating to that feeling. Sure, she could get into college (clearly, she just did), but that didn’t mean she wanted to go. She didn’t necessarily see the point of paying all that money to go somewhere for four years when she felt so much uncertainty around it all. How was she supposed to know that she’d be happy with her choice four years from now? When she picked a major, it could be entirely useless once she graduated, or she could graduate just as lost and confused as she was now. College seemed like a scam that everyone around her bought into, but no one bothered to tell her why she could buy it, too.

For a moment, Rose was excited, and then it was gone. She knew her friend’s fake smile, and the even faker tone of her voice was impossible to ignore. Her heart sank a little. The Aquila knew her smile faded away and before she knew it, she felt her words coming out faster than her brain could process them.

Perhaps it was the fact that they’d spent all term in a weird place. It started at the feast when Marissa told Rose that she’d broken up with Danny. Rose may not have said it out loud, but it was clear that she didn’t approve. She didn’t have to say it. Marissa didn’t know what was going through her head now, but she still knew her friend. At some point, the red-head started to do everything wrong, and she didn’t know how to fix it.

It may also have been the alcohol. In fact, it definitely had something to do with the alcohol.

“What?” Marissa turned her body to follow Rose, who was avoiding whatever this was. “What did I do this time? Is it that I got into an unimpressive college, or that I kissed someone? Because this is the first time I’ve felt like myself in, like, forever, and I thought you’d… I don’t know. Support me?”

  • Their IMPs were coming up sooner than they thought, which was why Rose was putting in extra time at the library studying for them. Or at least, that’s what she was telling herself - when it came down ... more
    • What are they going to do without us? - Marissa, Wed May 16 08:29
      • Perish of boredom probably - Rose, Wed May 16 10:38
        Having already pulled her sweats off and with her hoodie halfway over her head, Rose froze as Marissa started - well she wasn’t yelling, but she was certainly way more agitated than was usual for... more
        • We were born to entertain - Marissa , Wed May 16 11:51
          Marissa and Rose never fought. That wasn’t how their friendship worked. They became fast friends, partially because that was just how Marissa worked. As a child, if she’d ever done sleepaway camp or... more
          • Then entertain we shall - Rose, Wed May 16 12:15
            What the pineapple was wrong with Marissa? She should know that Rose didn’t care about Marissa kissing people. As far as Rose was concerned, Marissa could go up to Pearl Street and hang out in a bar... more
            • I think we're managing it pretty well - Marissa, Wed May 16 12:36
              “What the hell?” That was all Marissa could get herself to say at first. A million things swirled through her head. What made Rose think that this was Russell’s fault? Russell didn’t make her feel... more
              • All good things must come to an end - Rose, Wed May 16 12:52
                ”And - oh my god, honestly, why would I want to talk?” It felt like Marissa had actually punched Rose. The English girl was stunned. She felt physically dizzy and was glad that she was sitting down.... more
                • It's over - Marissa, Wed May 16 13:23
                  Marissa hated conflict. She hated fighting. She’d never understood the appeal. She liked to be liked, and people who fought… they weren’t liked. It was a solution to a problem that never felt good... more
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