Then entertain we shall
Wed May 16, 2018 12:15

What the pineapple was wrong with Marissa? She should know that Rose didn’t care about Marissa kissing people. As far as Rose was concerned, Marissa could go up to Pearl Street and hang out in a bar and kiss everyone who came in the door and she’d be fine with that as long as they weren’t the RMI transfers. Rose hated the transfers. She’d hated the transfers so much that she had gotten together with Emmett and faked a relationship (although that had turned out to be a real thing eventually). Ruben was terrible - no explanation needed. Myffi had been rude about Holland and was now going around kissing Rose’s best friend like she had some right to do that. Maverick was just Holland Lite, and Russell was like knockoff Emmett. Admittedly, Kaye was potentially fine but that was mostly because Rose thought that the way the younger girl messed with Heather was hilarious.

Of all the transfers, Russell was probably the worst because Russell was the one who had immediately stolen Marissa’s attention. She had insisted on including him in group activities he had no right to be in, and this year Marissa had probably spent more time with him than she had with Rose. Rose hated Russell, and had to suppress the urge to kick him whenever he walked by her. He seemed to avoid her as much as possible, though - at one point stopping dead in his tracks and turning the other direction when he saw Rose - so he had avoided actually getting kicked. So far.

And the ‘so far’ was important because Marissa had apparently already kissed Russell, which was the grossest most terrible thing Rose had heard in a long time. “He’s ruined everything,” Rose snapped, her voice getting higher and more emotional. “Before he came everything was fine, and then all of a sudden you were friends with Russell and you had to bring Russell everywhere and he was your little project and you’ve barely even talked to me all term but you’ve had time to snog him, apparently.” This was worse than Myffi. How could Marissa do this to her?

Rose sat on the bed, green towel wrapped around her body and curly hair making its way out of her attempts to tame it for swimming. She was extremely upset. All she had wanted was a good last year of school, before everything changed and they all went to uni, but instead she’d gotten this mess and apparently Russell was entirely to blame for it, not just only a little to blame. Great. And now she was probably going to go to Georgia and Marissa was probably going to go to wherever Adams was, and they would grow apart and not be friends anymore. All because Russell had to show up and ruin everything.

  • We were born to entertain - Marissa , Wed May 16 11:51
    Marissa and Rose never fought. That wasn’t how their friendship worked. They became fast friends, partially because that was just how Marissa worked. As a child, if she’d ever done sleepaway camp or... more
    • Then entertain we shall - Rose, Wed May 16 12:15
      • I think we're managing it pretty well - Marissa, Wed May 16 12:36
        “What the hell?” That was all Marissa could get herself to say at first. A million things swirled through her head. What made Rose think that this was Russell’s fault? Russell didn’t make her feel... more
        • All good things must come to an end - Rose, Wed May 16 12:52
          ”And - oh my god, honestly, why would I want to talk?” It felt like Marissa had actually punched Rose. The English girl was stunned. She felt physically dizzy and was glad that she was sitting down.... more
          • It's over - Marissa, Wed May 16 13:23
            Marissa hated conflict. She hated fighting. She’d never understood the appeal. She liked to be liked, and people who fought… they weren’t liked. It was a solution to a problem that never felt good... more
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