I think we're managing it pretty well
Wed May 16, 2018 12:36

“What the hell?” That was all Marissa could get herself to say at first. A million things swirled through her head.

What made Rose think that this was Russell’s fault? Russell didn’t make her feel the way Rose made her feel this year. Granted, Marissa recognized that Rose wasn’t doing it on purpose, which made it almost impossible to say something. She didn’t want her friend to feel badly for something she didn’t purposely do. Still, Russell wasn’t applying to a bunch of schools that Marissa could never dream of getting into, and he wasn’t picking out places she could go based on his fancy ivy leagues. It was almost like Marissa was Rose’s charity case or something, like she pitied her. Like, ‘oh, poor Marissa isn’t good enough for my schools, but here, let me find places that are adequate enough to accept her.’

Earlier in the week, Drew had asked Marissa about her colleges and what she was thinking about. She hadn’t known, and the conversation didn’t necessarily make her feel better about things. He pointed out that she seemed to only be picking schools based on where Rose was going and what Rose wanted. She could tell that he found that logic to be questionable, and… well, maybe he wasn’t entirely wrong.

“This has nothing to do with Russell!” She shook her head in disbelief. “We started hanging out because he’s really nice and he dances. No one else here does that. And – oh my god, honestly, why would I want to talk? All you talk about is the colleges I could never dream of getting into.” She swallowed and managed to keep any tears at bay. She was not going to cry over all of this. “Everyone’s all coupled up and I was sad and stressed and scared about this college thing, and no one noticed a damn thing, so excuse me for spending time with the people who noticed and actually asked if I was okay.”

Marissa folded her arms across her chest. “I’m allowed to have friends besides you, Rose. That’s… I can. You leave Russell alone.”

  • Then entertain we shall - Rose, Wed May 16 12:15
    What the pineapple was wrong with Marissa? She should know that Rose didn’t care about Marissa kissing people. As far as Rose was concerned, Marissa could go up to Pearl Street and hang out in a bar... more
    • I think we're managing it pretty well - Marissa, Wed May 16 12:36
      • All good things must come to an end - Rose, Wed May 16 12:52
        ”And - oh my god, honestly, why would I want to talk?” It felt like Marissa had actually punched Rose. The English girl was stunned. She felt physically dizzy and was glad that she was sitting down.... more
        • It's over - Marissa, Wed May 16 13:23
          Marissa hated conflict. She hated fighting. She’d never understood the appeal. She liked to be liked, and people who fought… they weren’t liked. It was a solution to a problem that never felt good... more
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