All good things must come to an end
Wed May 16, 2018 12:52

”And - oh my god, honestly, why would I want to talk?”

It felt like Marissa had actually punched Rose. The English girl was stunned. She felt physically dizzy and was glad that she was sitting down. She and Marissa had never fought. They were best friends. They had been more distant this year because Rose had been busy with applying to uni but she had thought Marissa understood how important that was to her. She had thought Marissa had understood how much Rose had needed to get out of her father’s house. There had been enough holiday breaks that Rose had turned up on Marissa’s front porch after a tiff with her father that Rose had thought Marissa got it. And Rose had done her best to make sure that Marissa had somewhere to go to, somewhere close by, so they could at least be able to see each other or even live together. It wasn’t her fault that Marissa wasn’t as smart as she and Holland were.

“Fine,” Rose said, her voice clipped, as she stood up. She was shaking a little bit. Fine. Marissa didn’t want to talk to her, Marissa didn’t want to be her friend, just because she had a little bit of ambition and wanted to go to a school that would help her on her way. Rose told herself firmly that she didn’t care. “You go hang out with Russell and talk about dance or whatever is so much better than me actually caring about my future. I’m going to take a shower.” And with that, Rose grabbed her wand, stalked into the bathroom, shut the door, and spelled the lock with an overly aggressive jab that caused sparks to fly off the handle for a minute. Then the seventh-year put her wand on the counter next to the sink and sat down, knees to her chest and head on her knees.

This wasn’t at all how her seventh year was supposed to be going. She was supposed to have gotten into Harvard, and Marissa was supposed to have gotten into a school nearby, and they should be planning how to decorate their apartment and studying for IMPs. Not this.

  • I think we're managing it pretty well - Marissa, Wed May 16 12:36
    “What the hell?” That was all Marissa could get herself to say at first. A million things swirled through her head. What made Rose think that this was Russell’s fault? Russell didn’t make her feel... more
    • All good things must come to an end - Rose, Wed May 16 12:52
      • It's over - Marissa, Wed May 16 13:23
        Marissa hated conflict. She hated fighting. She’d never understood the appeal. She liked to be liked, and people who fought… they weren’t liked. It was a solution to a problem that never felt good... more
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