Professor Robert Hier
Head of House Speech, Continued
Fri Jul 13, 2018 18:52

Once the students jumped through the hole in the ground, they found themselves standing in a semi-circle around Rob and Julia, who had followed him almost immediately. Sleek but comfortable furniture in the House colors - cream and grey - was arranged in clumps around the common room. The game room opposite the entrance held a variety of board games, although there were a few stray games resting on the mantle above the fireplace - Gobstones made an appearance, obviously, but so did Muggle games, including the entire Arkham Horror line. There were tables to do homework with chairs clustered around them, for those Aquilas that did homework, and a pair of staircases, one on either side of the large room.

“Boys’ dorms, girls’ dorms,” Rob said, gesturing appropriately. “Don’t go up the wrong stairs, you’ll end up in the Headmaster’s office and then he’ll be all Welsh at you. I’m your Head of House, so anything else you get up to around here is probably my problem, so get good at not getting caught.” Rob was great at not getting caught, or had been at as a student. Even once people got to know him, many of them decided that it was rude to accuse the “wheelchair-bound” boy of pulling pranks. Some of them had never even learned their lesson. It was fantastic. “We’ve got a bunch of extracurriculars here, notices about them will go up on the bulletin board,” he gestured again, this time at the board next to the door. “So there will be plenty of outlets for your energy, creativity, whatever.

“I’m not your babysitter and I don’t care how much sleep you get, but you do have to be back in the commons by ten every night.” the potionsmaster continued, explaining the basics of living at RMI before he got bored and cut himself short.

“All right, that’s about it,” he said. “If you have any Muggle stuff you want to work around here, talk to Professor McKindy or Professor Taylor, they’ll charm it for you so it works. I don’t do wand things, so don’t ask me. Got it? Questions? No? Great.”

And with that, Rob ceremonially pulled a small, clear flask out of his pocket, held it up, and then threw it violently against the ground. Sky-blue smoke encompassed the small group of first years and Rob made his mistake, Julia and Lapis trotting behind him. Once they were out of the Aquila commons, the brown-haired man turned to his niece and grinned. “Do you know what’s gonna happen next.”

“No,” Julia said, pulling her thumb out of her mouth. “Is it funny?”

Rob grinned. “Very funny. All of the first years that inhaled the smoke? Everything they touch is going to turn into butterflies for the next twenty minutes. It’ll turn back once the potion wears off, but it’s gonna confuse them for a little while first.”

Julia giggled, and Rob ushered the girl back on the short route to the Hier apartment. He couldn’t wait to tell Celia what he’d done to prank the incoming Aquilas (as well as any older students who had been standing nearby) this year.

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