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Roommates! [Tag: Grayson]
Mon Jul 16, 2018 16:46

Getting to hang out with Sadie at the feast was fun, but she couldn’t follow him to the Aquila Common Room (yet. Just wait til they found the right passageways). Elliot gave Sadie a quick hug and then followed the House-specific bellowing to a man in a wheelchair, who was apparently the Aquila Head of House.

At first Elliot wondered if the wheelchair was some kind of tasteless prank. Then the man started talking and Elliot suddenly realized he had to actually pay attention because he was hard to understand. He talked almost like a really drunk person—Elliot had been to Peregrine tons of times with Mama and he knew what drunk people sounded like—but the Aquila guy seemed alert and RMI probably wasn’t the kind of workplace where you could just casually be intoxicated on day one of the year. If Elliot had to guess he would say the wheelchair and the slurring speech and the dog in the vest were related. There were more exciting things going on than Rob’s (no titles, nice) disability, though, so that thought was quickly abandoned.

There was another boy and two girls new to Aquila this year. Elliot wanted to introduce himself to the other boy, since obviously they were gonna be roommates, but interrupting Rob seemed like a bad idea. In elementary school Elliot had gotten in trouble for talking in class all the time, especially when Tycho or Sadie had been in his classes. In elementary school you just got a yellow card or a red one and then sometimes they called your parents. That was fine because Elliot’s mom and dad didn’t care too much if he got in trouble for stuff like talking at the wrong time. But it occurred to Elliot that Rob could totally do whatever magicky thing he wanted to the first years if they misbehave. The prospect was more interesting than scary, but pissing off your head of house on the first day seemed like a bad long-term strategy, so Elliot just followed quietly.

And actually it wasn’t a boring talk. Rob reminded him about Quidditch (Elliot was pumped to sign up for the team even though he didn’t know what position he wanted yet) and showed them where the Pitch was. Elliot had never played on a real Quidditch Pitch before, or with a full team. His magical family members and some of their wizarding friends had pickup games, but there were almost never fourteen of them and they always played a field far away from Muggles or something like that.

He was still thinking about Quidditch when Rob yelled “Whoopeee!” and rolled into a hole and disappeared. Elliot didn’t waste any time even for thinking: Rob’s niece made it there first, but Elliot jumped right in after her. He landed nearly on top of her but missed and, realizing that someone was probably following right after him too, tried to combat roll out of the way. It worked, but it did not look as cool as Elliot thought it had.

Dusting his knees off, Elliot looked around the Aquila Common Room. The furniture came in the same dull colors from the bonfire, but at least they made sense with the modern style going on in here. Half looking around and half listening, Elliot perked up at the news about getting Muggle stuff charmed to work. He had wanted to bring his 3DS but Mama had pointed out that it wouldn’t work at school so he had left it at home. Now that Elliot knew there was an option, maybe his parents would send it, if Ariana hadn’t stolen it already.

Elliot was squinting at the board games on the mantlepiece—Arkham Horror was there and so were some other ones he didn’t know, possibly wizarding—hang on a second, were wizard board games like Jumanji? That would be freaking awesome—when his attention was caught by glass breaking nearby. Elliot coughed on a cloud of blue smoke, and by the time he had waved it away, Rob, his niece, and his dog were GONE.

Huh. Cool.

He spent a few seconds deciding what to do before turning to the other boy in the group. “Hi, I think we’re roommates. I’m Elliot.” Elliot had never shared a room before, but it could be fun always having someone to hang out with, assuming he got along with his roommate.

They should get to know each other. They were standing next to a couch, so Elliot sat down and patted the seat next to him in a come-sit-here gesture. Then he fell down, which was weird, because he’d been solidly sitting down a second ago, and now he was on the ground in a tornado of gray butterflies and the couch was gone. “What the shit?” Elliot asked, sitting up and giving the other student a bewildered look.

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