Grayson Ioma
The butterfly your roommate could smell like
Wed Jul 18, 2018 19:00


Grayson blinked as he watched the other Aquilas disappear down the hole in the floor. Rob had flung himself backwards through the hole in a way that was clearly intentional (not to mention enthusiastic), so he wasn’t worried about going through it himself. The hole itself was very interesting, though.

He had thought it was a trick of the light, but once he got closer he could clearly see… nothing. There was nothing to see through the hole. Not a room, or slide, or a chute of some kind. Just darkness. Grayson wished he had a flashlight so he could see if it would let him see anything beyond the hole. He’d have to come back with one later. Instead for now he just tumbled forward through the hole.

And then suddenly was standing in a horseshoe with most of the others but with Rob and the short one at the focus. He didn’t even stumble. He was just there and standing. For some reason he felt very strongly that a jarring transition like that should come with a stumble, even though he had never been magically teleported in a way that did not preserve his momentum and relative stance before so he had nothing to compare it against. Except maybe for when he was dreaming he was running and then woke up very very suddenly, but he didn’t stumble when that happened he just got cramps. But in that case he went from running to lying down so maybe falling to standing would naturally cause a stumble. He’d have to come up with a way to test that.

Grayson realized Rob had been talking and briefly felt bad for not paying attention before suddenly there was blue smoke everywhere. He coughed once and backed away quickly. It had kinda looked like Rob had done the smoke on purpose so he wasn’t particularly worried, but he didn’t want to be coughing on smoke if he could help it. When the smoke cleared Rob and the very short first year were gone. Grayson hoped she didn’t get in trouble for disappearing in a cloud of smoke, but if she would then probably Rob would have stopped her so he figured it was ok.

“Hi, I think we’re roommates. I’m Elliot.”

“Oh, hi. I’m Grayson” Looking around he figured that made sense since he and Elliot were the only boys. Elliot sat down and the couch exploded into butterflies. Grayson blinked.

Grayson had once breathed in a lot of helium to see what would happen. It made his voice super squeaky of course and also made him pretty dizzy. It hadn’t made him see butterflies, though. Now he was seeing butterflies and wasn’t dizzy, but he figured it pretty much had to be the blue smoke making it happen. Even with magic there was no way what he was seeing was real. A couch suddenly turning into a zillion alive butterflies was just too unbelievable.

“Elliot,” he said very slowly. “I think I’m hallucinating.”

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    • The butterfly your roommate could smell like - Grayson Ioma, Wed Jul 18 19:00
      • The couch is now butterflies - Elliot, Sat Jul 21 23:02
        Being fully on the couch when it disappeared, Elliot had hit the ground hard and now his tailbone hurt. Was this what being in all-magic places was like? Half of his family was Muggle (although most... more
        • Sadly your butterfly is not me - Grayson, Sat Jul 28 12:30
          “Did you hallucinate the couch turning into butterflies? Because if so then I saw it too.” Grayson blinked. “I did, but..” he trailed off. If Elliot had seen the couch turn into butterflies also then ... more
          • Look at your butterfly, now back to me - Elliot, Thu Aug 2 19:32
            Elliot shrugged. He didn’t know if one way was more likely than the other, or easier to believe when you were dealing with magic. After all, Transfigurations could go both ways. Some of the time,... more
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