The couch is now butterflies
Sat Jul 21, 2018 23:02

Being fully on the couch when it disappeared, Elliot had hit the ground hard and now his tailbone hurt. Was this what being in all-magic places was like? Half of his family was Muggle (although most of them knew about magic), and all of Dad’s coworkers were too, and Elliot and Ari went to a Muggle elementary school, so their house wasn’t a hundred percent magical in case they ever had guests who didn’t know about magic. All the Phippens had to do in that case was make sure the wizarding photos were turned around and their enchanted toys and books were put away. Nothing bad had ever happened from that before: they were always super careful.

But maybe in wizard-and-witch-only zones, everything could be magical all the time, because it wouldn’t be against the law no matter who saw it. Awesome. If Elliot could design his room using magic, he’d have tons of moving posters and color-changing and floating things, and he would never put his broom away in his closet like he had to all the time when they had Muggles over. Elliot had a Cirrus Falcon 5, but living in the city meant he hardly ever got to use it, because there wasn’t a lot of Muggle-free airspace in NYC. He could only fly when they went to a wizarding park or to visit someone who had a magically-shielded backyard. Grandma Blanche and the Mattinglys both had houses in the suburbs with big yards and spells so that Muggle neighbors couldn’t see anything, which made them perfect places for playing pickup Quidditch.

Now that Elliot lived somewhere where it didn’t matter who saw magical things, he was going to be out on his broom every single day. Elliot didn’t see Quidditch team signups on the bulletin board, but as soon as it went up his would be the first name on the list. He hadn’t totally decided what position he wanted to play yet—literally anything but Keeper would do, because if he was Keeper he would probably get so bored he’d just fall asleep and slide off his broom—but that was what tryouts were for.

He scrambled to his feet. “Did you hallucinate the couch turning into butterflies?” Elliot asked, because Grayson was just kind of standing there staring at where the couch used to be. Some of the butterflies landed on Elliot, their grey wings blending in with his silver robes. “Because if so then I saw it too.” He was pretty sure that people didn’t hallucinate the same thing at the same time. Then again, he wouldn’t know for sure. He had never hallucinated before because he was eleven and Mama said he wasn’t allowed to try anything psychoactive until he was sixteen. She let him have one sip if he wanted whenever she drank something with alcohol in it, but that wasn’t the same. Elliot didn’t like beer or wine, but sometimes she made interesting cocktails at Peregrine and those were pretty good.

One of the butterflies landed on Elliot’s hand. He moved it slowly—so it wouldn’t fly away—up to his face so he could get a closer look. Its wings were covered with a shimmery powdery substance, and it had a fuzzy body and two long antennae. It looked so real that it was hard to believe it had been made out of couch a minute ago. Now that he thought about it, Transfiguration worked both ways. “Do you think the couch turned into butterflies, or was it really butterflies all along and they’d just been temporarily turned into a couch?”

  • The butterfly your roommate could smell like - Grayson Ioma, Wed Jul 18 19:00
    “Whoopeee!” Grayson blinked as he watched the other Aquilas disappear down the hole in the floor. Rob had flung himself backwards through the hole in a way that was clearly intentional (not to... more
    • The couch is now butterflies - Elliot, Sat Jul 21 23:02
      • Sadly your butterfly is not me - Grayson, Sat Jul 28 12:30
        “Did you hallucinate the couch turning into butterflies? Because if so then I saw it too.” Grayson blinked. “I did, but..” he trailed off. If Elliot had seen the couch turn into butterflies also then ... more
        • Look at your butterfly, now back to me - Elliot, Thu Aug 2 19:32
          Elliot shrugged. He didn’t know if one way was more likely than the other, or easier to believe when you were dealing with magic. After all, Transfigurations could go both ways. Some of the time,... more
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