Sadly your butterfly is not me
Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:30

“Did you hallucinate the couch turning into butterflies? Because if so then I saw it too.”

Grayson blinked. “I did, but..” he trailed off. If Elliot had seen the couch turn into butterflies also then presumably he also experienced falling down and then getting back up. Which meant that if it was a hallucination not only was it far more detailed than anything Grayson had ever heard of, but that the two of them were also somehow sharing it.

Although Grayson had no difficulty believing magical smoke could make someone have super-detailed hallucinations, he was less confident in the possibility of it being able to make people hallucinate the exact same thing. Although that still seemed more likely than somehow the couch spontaneously deciding to turn into alive butterflies. Maybe the smoke just made people see things into butterflies? But then why had they both seen it happen to the couch at exactly the same time?

Also Grayson could still see the butterflies flapping around. They weren’t in a single huge cloud anymore but they were still flapping around. One of them landed on Elliot’s hand.

“Do you think the couch turned into butterflies, or was it really butterflies all along and they’d just been temporarily turned into a couch?”

Grayson blinked again. “I hadn’t thought of that,” he said. “That would make a lot of sense though. Butterflies temporarily turning into a couch is easier to believe than a couch spontaneously turning into real, alive butterflies.”

It was sort of the reverse of the guy who wondered if maybe he was a butterfly dreaming he was a guy. Grayson giggled, “Do butterflies often dream of being couches, I wonder? Maybe they think it would be comfy?” He couldn't remember who that guy was. He'd have to look it up.

Grayson took off his glasses to clean them, still chuckling. He wanted to get a closer look at these magic butterflies with dreams of being a couch. As soon as his glasses were off his face though, they turned into butterflies.

Grayson blinked.

  • The couch is now butterflies - Elliot, Sat Jul 21 23:02
    Being fully on the couch when it disappeared, Elliot had hit the ground hard and now his tailbone hurt. Was this what being in all-magic places was like? Half of his family was Muggle (although most... more
    • Sadly your butterfly is not me - Grayson, Sat Jul 28 12:30
      • Look at your butterfly, now back to me - Elliot, Thu Aug 2 19:32
        Elliot shrugged. He didn’t know if one way was more likely than the other, or easier to believe when you were dealing with magic. After all, Transfigurations could go both ways. Some of the time,... more
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