Look at your butterfly, now back to me
Thu Aug 2, 2018 19:32

Elliot shrugged. He didn’t know if one way was more likely than the other, or easier to believe when you were dealing with magic. After all, Transfigurations could go both ways. Some of the time, anyway. You could turn a person into an animal in a non-Animagus way, and Animagi could learn to turn into themselves as animals (which was different from the first thing), and you could turn things into animals.

Elliot was pretty sure the rules were different with people, though. You could turn, say, a rock into a dog, but you couldn’t turn a dog into a person, or a rock into a person. At least he hoped not, because that would be freaky as hell. Imagine if you were living your whole life as, like, an eel, and then some witch or wizard came along and turned you into a human being and you had to have two legs and get a job and pay taxes and stuff. It would be terrible.

And the other way around—being alive and getting turned into something inanimate—was also terrifying, like something out of the bad ending of a survival horror game. No matter how comfy being a couch might be, not being able to move would be the worst. “No way,” Elliot said. He shivered, still looking at the butterfly crawling on his hand. “Butterflies have already gone through being something that can’t move, they wouldn’t wanna do it again.” Now he was hoping that the butterflies had been a couch first after all.

In his peripheral vision, beyond his focus on the butterfly’s scaled wings, Elliot saw Grayson reach up. Then his face was suddenly covered in more butterflies, which fluttered away in small fleets. “Whoa,” Elliot said, startling so suddenly that the swarm of butterflies that had collected on him scattered. “How did you do that?”

  • Sadly your butterfly is not me - Grayson, Sat Jul 28 12:30
    “Did you hallucinate the couch turning into butterflies? Because if so then I saw it too.” Grayson blinked. “I did, but..” he trailed off. If Elliot had seen the couch turn into butterflies also then ... more
    • Look at your butterfly, now back to me - Elliot, Thu Aug 2 19:32
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