You're just the Chosen One I guess.
Sat Mar 3, 2018 16:52

Mave kept grinning for a moment until he realized how incredibly atypical of him that would seem. Atypical things seemed like they would freak Russell out. So he forced his face a little less enthusiastic so that hopefully things would seem slightly more normal and not make Russell panic. At least, not more than he seemed to always be panicking.

He was in no way surprised by Russell’s humble request. Of course all the younger boy really wanted was Jaws. Despite his concerns, Maverick was in no way opposed to just carrying Jaws down in his hands. He liked Jaws. In fact, he liked most animals, just on the virtue of the fact that they weren’t people. People were stupid, but animals were cool. Russell was pretty cool too, he guessed. (Well, actually, Russell was probably the opposite of cool, but Mave liked him anyway.)

“Yeah, no problem,” he replied. “Hang here one second and I’ll go get him.” The genderfluid boy trotted cockily up the appropriate stairs - or in this case, inappropriate - and navigated the hallway, opening any door he found unlocked until he found the room that belonged to Russell. This was indicated to him by the low lighting Russell had forewarned. And he hadn’t been kidding, either. It was dark in here. “Lumos,” he cast. He found the cage with relative ease and, deciding it wasn’t all that awkward (although still bigger than he expected), opted to carry the whole thing down. Jaws was probably comfortable enough in people-hands, but Mave thought being in a new place overnight might be weird for him, so maybe the little guy would like his home to come with him. That did limit his ability to hold his lit wand, though, so he stuck it in his mouth and was on his way. In the hallway, he discovered that he could cast “Nox” with his wand in his teeth, so that was cool. At one point the caeg did slip slightly out of his hand, but he didn’t drop it all the way, and with a half-whispered, “Don’t tell Russell about that,” he thought that he and Jaws were aligned on their position.

The stairs were interesting with the cage in his arms, but he managed without feeling like a complete idiot, or like he was going to fall down them, so that was probably a win. And if he knocked down some girls trying to come up to the boys’ room, double win. And if it was that annoying little Natalia Carboni, it would be like winning the lottery.

He placed the cage on a table near where Russell was and took his wand out of his mouth, sticking it back in his pocket. “Got the whole thing,” he stated the obvious. “Figured it might just be easier for him.” He pushed a disheveled floof of pink hair behind his ear. “Anyway, since you can’t get to your room, you can sleep in mine if you want. We can just keep most the lights off, if that helps.” Maverick didn’t know exactly what was up with Russell’s eyes, but there was definitely some kind of issue. And he figured the probably-going-to-be-crowded Common Room was no place for his oft-nervous friend to camp out.

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