Dade Farnon
I'm not sure I'm on board with the premise of this holiday
Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:12

As far as Dade was concerned, Thanksgiving was kind of dumb. They’d talked about it some in Cultural Studies, but that had mostly confused Dade more than it had helped him. It seemed like Professor Blair wasn’t entirely in support of the holiday and something about Native Americans and colonialism and ultimately Dade had just tuned out and hoped they wouldn’t be tested on what she was saying. The Americans took the day to eat a bunch of food and say nice things to each other, and really when it came down to it Dade was not having much of that on any day of the year. His father and step-mother weren’t planning on coming to the celebration (and had expressed confusion every year they had been invited, despite the fact that Rose was graduating this year) and even if they were, Dade probably wouldn’t go see them. Connor might, but not Dade.

Drew was really nice and had invited Dade to spend time with his family at Thanksgiving, but Dade thought it might be weird to spend time with Drew and Madeleine at the same time, plus their dads who also happened to work at the school - yeah, that was weird.

So instead Dade had holed himself up in his room, which he had been doing more this term since his terrible roommates had both managed to fail their end-of-year exams and gotten held back, so he had his own room now. He had practised some of his more questionable magic. He did some drawing. He took a brief nap. He had a snack. And then, when Dade was pretty sure everyone would have left for the event in the Diner, he wandered downstairs, planning to sit and write out some research ideas in the spot he and Drew usually frequented. Except instead of Drew (who was obviously busy), Claudia Dubois was sitting there. Dade blinked and scowled, and almost turned around before he saw that Drew’s stuff was sitting there next to her. Drew’s stuff that he wrote down their research in. Uh-oh.

“Hi,” Dade said brusquely. He looked at Claudia and her book, then looked at the floor with Drew’s books. “Can you give those to me? They’re Drew’s.”

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    • I'm not sure I'm on board with the premise of this holiday - Dade Farnon, Mon Mar 26 12:12
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