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Tue Mar 27, 2018 15:34

Claudia would have preferred the elder of the two Farnon brothers for company, since they had resolved their differences and reaffirmed their friendship. However, of everyone in Cetus that could have joined her at that moment, Dade was possibly her second choice. They weren’t friends, precisely, but they got along sufficiently well for Claudia to not mind his presence most of the time. She did not need to ask why he was not at the Thanksgiving celebrations, as she could reasonably assume his parents were not in attendance (due to their being non-American, and therefore probably did not celebrate the holiday) and his lack of social skills probably were born of a reluctance to attend social events (while Claudia was not keen to be in crowds much herself, she had at least learned how to behave respectfully when the occasion called for it - she and Dade differed in this regard). Claudia greeted her housemate with a polite, “Hello,” being careful not to give any indication that his being there disappointed her plans for quietude.

Dade’s comparatively gruff response was simply a demonstration of the point Claudia had been pondering, concerning his lack of manners, particularly when compared to her own, or to Connor’s. It was not surprising to her. However the request for Drew’s books, which Claudia had moved aside to make way for her own belongings, had not been expected. For a half-second she thought she had been found out, and her cheeks might have flushed as an automatic reaction, but no, she had been sure there had been nobody in the commons when she tore out the page. Besides, Dade wasn’t asking for the missing page, he was just asking for Drew’s books. If he knew that she had removed a page, he would have asked for it. Dade was not subtle.

Yet still she hesitated. The books didn’t belong to him, they belonged to Drew: the names written in them confirmed this, and Dade had also asked for Drew’s books, not his own, so both of them knew the books did not belong to Dade. If Claudia did not pass him the books, and Dade took them anyway, that was his choice to make, and it would have been Andrew’s fault for leaving his possessions unguarded in the common area. However if Claudia passed the books to Dade, she was an accomplice in him taking the books. She knew the younger boys were friends, but that didn’t necessarily mean that Drew wanted Dade to have his things. Claudia wouldn’t want her friends to have her things (she definitely had one friend in Connor, although by now she was equally confident she had lost one in Marley. Darlene was still her friend, albeit one who showed an unhealthy romantic interest in the same Andrew Tennant. Caleb was becoming sufficiently well acquainted for Claudia to consider calling him a friend, too, and Kaye still talked to her sometimes. She didn’t want any of them to be in possession of her belongings), but then she wouldn’t have left anything of value or containing incriminating material lying around in a public space.

“Why would I give them to you if they belong to somebody else?” Claudia inquired, her manner as free from confrontation as she could muster. Dade had to respect that it was a peculiar request, to ask her to pass along someone else’s property without good reason. If Dade had good reason, he had yet to share it with Claudia … although she was starting to suspect what that reason might be. If Dade and Drew really had been looking up Dark Magic together, and they had been making notes in Drew’s book - notes like the ones that were on the liberated page now concealed in her book bag - it would be in both their best interests for Dade to keep the book private. Unfortunately for him, he was too late.

It occurred to Claudia then that if she had correctly guessed the reason Dade was eager to retrieve the notebook, he may well notice at some point that a page was missing. Merlin alive, why should that matter? He was hardly going to accuse Claudia of stealing a page of a younger student’s notebook just because it had some suspect spells written on it. It was a ludicrous notion. The fourth year took a steady breath to calm herself. There was no need for her to panic… at least not about unlikely accusations. She might, however, be concerned that two beginner students were researching potentially harmful spells. Connor especially would not be pleased to learn that his brother might be mixed up in such drama, particularly with Andrew Tennant as an accomplice. It was practically Claudia’s obligation to report them. Or, it would be, were she completely convinced that’s what had been occurring. One piece of notepaper wasn’t much to go on.

It was clear that Claudia needed to learn more about the spells she had apprehended. There had been no book title that she could find, but scanning an index of spells in any book would not take too long to yield results, especially as she knew in what section of the library she would be likely to find her information. She would need to be careful not to be apprehended there (by anyone, but least of all Andrew or Dade), but she had plenty of free periods while the beginner students were in classes, so that ought not to present a problem. She could discover the spells, discern whether or not they were liable to be harmful, and, in that scenario, consider what next steps to take (which might, in all honesty, include learning the spells herself).

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    • I'm content with you being on board the thread - Claudia, Tue Mar 27 15:34
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