You´ll make me blush
Thu Jan 19, 2017 19:45

Camilla ignored the lighter color on Elijah´s head. She was sure it would go back to its normal shade of brown. He certainly pulled off the lighter look, but she was not going to encourage him! Especially if she had the theory he was doing this because of her mother´s failing health. The blonde had never experienced anything similar, so she felt useless in the way of comforting. How could she help? What should she say? And since Camilla did not have the answer to any of her questions, she comformed with being there. It had to be of some help.

The Ceti just listened to Elijah, and part of her heart went out to him. He seemed lost? The blonde stared at Elijah trying to compose a rather coherent and uplifting statement, but as much as she raked her brain about it she couldn't come up with something that was remotely fit for what her friend was going through, “That sucks,” was the only thing she could actually mutter. Everything else that went through her head seemed trite and stupid and the words weren't enough to express what she felt at seeing Elijah hurt.

It was just so damn unfair.

Life was just a big pile of unfairness, and it just sucked that the bad things happened to good people.

The silence hanged in the room as the weight of the world settled on Camilla, at least it was how she felt. Maybe it was guilt that despite everything bad in her life, sometimes people had it a bit worse. The blonde did not have a very close relationship with her mother, but a world without her seemed too grim to even think about.

Camilla smiled sadly and squeezed his arm again. “Anything I can do to help?” She knew there would be very little she could actually do, but she wanted to make sure. She had money if they needed, and she was there whenever he needed to talk it out. She felt a bit useless.

  • Only when it comes to you - Elijah, Tue Jan 17 23:51
    “Oh, you’ve no idea,” Elijah said with a laugh. Agatha Carthy was already preoccupied with wedding planning with Sarah. It had seemed to prove as a useful distraction, one that kept the woman from... more
    • You´ll make me blush - Camilla, Thu Jan 19 19:45
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