Andrew Tennant
I don’t like the sound of that
Wed May 2, 2018 15:34

So today was not going great, because Drew had been called into his dad’s office. Dad was in Counselor Mode and had some questions about some spell incantations that Drew had written down. The ones he had found in The Malevolent Manual (3rd ed.) for self-defense club. Drew had told him the truth, mostly, except he had left out the parts about self-defense club and about Aaron teaching him magic. Drew didn’t think that there was anything wrong with either of those things—it definitely wasn’t against the rules to learn spells on your own, or have a professor teach you—but there was a reason he and Aaron hadn’t mentioned anything to Dad.

Instead of saying anyone else was involved, Drew had just said that he’d been worried after the thing with Connor last year, and wanted to learn how to protect himself in case anything like that ever happened again. He’d reassured his dad that he had never used any of those spells, which was true. Then he pointed out that he had only looked at books that were in RMI’s library, and so maybe if the staff didn’t want students to learn the spells in those books, they shouldn’t keep those books in the library. Dad had seemed like he understood that. He wasn’t mad, but he’d also told Drew very firmly that if he wanted to learn more about self-defense magic, he should be careful and stay away from the parts of the library that had—as he’d called it—questionable magic. Then they’d talked about dueling club, and Drew had pointed out that Aunt Cindra wasn’t exactly a master duelist, and he’d asked if there was anyone else on staff who knew how to duel, and that was the story of how Drew had gotten permission to ask Aaron to teach him dueling. All in all, not the worst way things could have gone.

Then Drew learned Dad had found out about the spells because Claudia Dubois (who had really shown her true colors recently. She and Connor were just perfect for each other, weren’t they?) had snitched. Which meant that Claudia had spied on his notebook, which was so uncool. Drew was going to ask Ruben if there was a way he could lock his notebook with magic so that no one else could open it, and so that if someone tried to use magic to force it open, they’d get a nasty surprise and a lesson about why snooping was bad.

…that probably wasn’t what Dad had in mind about avoiding questionable magic, but, like, whatever. Drew had the right to protect his stuff.

And then Drew had found out that the reason Claudia had been talking to his dad at all was because Dade had hexed her and set a hallway on fire, and that was when Drew started to get worried. Dade wouldn’t just randomly attack someone. He thought about things before he did them. Except—except that Drew also knew his dad would do the right thing, and solve problems, and Dad was saying that Dade had instigated the fight. So that meant one of three options: Dad was wrong about what had happened, Drew was wrong about how his friend would act, or Dade had had a reason but would rather get in trouble than explain what it was.

Either way it didn’t make a lot of sense, and Drew wanted to talk to Dade about it. He knocked at Dade’s dorm room when he got back, but the other Cetus either wasn’t there or wasn’t answering even though Drew said it was him at the door. So Drew had settled into his usual spot in the Common Room with the article he was editing for next week’s Rocky Voices and waited for Dade to come back.

But Dade didn’t come back for hours, so Drew decided it was time to launch a search party. The first place he decided to search was the passageways where they sometimes had self-defense club meetings. It was private, and it seemed like the kind of place Dade would go if he was upset, and Drew was right because he’d found Dade there with Remington. The three of them kind of just hung out for a while, although Dade didn’t say much the whole time. Drew told Remy and Dade what his dad had said about Claudia and the notebook, and how that conversation had gone—he wanted to make sure they knew that he had handled it, and they were fine, and no one else was going to get in trouble.

Eventually it was almost curfew. Dade didn’t want to go back to Cetus because Connor lived there and would probably be mad at him, but Drew and Remy had talked him into it after Drew offered to sleep over so Dade wouldn’t be alone. They made it back to the Common Room, and then Dade stopped dead at the bottom of the stairs.

Oh. Right. Drew thought about that problem. They still didn’t know what made the stairs mess up for Dade sometimes, but they couldn’t count on it not to happen tonight, and it was exactly what Dade didn’t need right now. There wasn’t anywhere else they could go, though. Dade probably wouldn’t be okay with sleeping in the Common Room, where anyone in Cetus could go, and they couldn’t commandeer the quiet study room—Drew was pretty sure that someone like Harriett or Huburt would have an issue with that.

“Hey. Dade.” Drew held out his hand for Dade to take before they went up the stairs, like he would if Madeleine or Kit needed help. (Maybe not Kit. That was a good way to get your arm yanked out of the socket.) He wasn’t sure this would work—the magic might still trigger for Dade, or might just get both of them—but it was worth a shot, because going up to the boys’ dorms was the only option. “It’ll be okay,” he said. “If we go down, we go down together.”

  • What if: I weren't here - Dade Farnon, Wed May 2 15:05
    Remington had been the first one to find Dade after he had retreated to the secret passageways, which was good. Remington was Dade’s first real friend ever and she understood that sometimes it wasn’t ... more
    • I don’t like the sound of that - Andrew Tennant, Wed May 2 15:34
      • I'm sure we can find a compromise - Dade, Wed May 2 23:29
        Dade was the youngest of three (four if you counted Charlene, which nobody ever did because she wasn’t worth counting) and Remington was an only child, and sometimes you could tell those things. But... more
        • You could be here part-time - Drew, Thu May 3 06:54
          Dade’s hand was cold, and Drew’s first thought was that wow, he must have been more scared than Drew realized. He also noticed that Dade was blushing, but he didn’t have time to really think about... more
          • Part-time existence sounds stressful - Dade, Fri May 4 09:48
            Drew held Dade’s hand as they went up the stairs and Dade worked on trying to breathe and walk at the same time. There was just so much going on that the very last thing he wanted was for the stairs... more
            • But is it better than full-time? - Drew, Fri May 4 10:39
              Dade was almost as neat as Huburt, except that you could tell someone actually lived in Dade’s room. If Huburt suddenly moved out, Drew probably wouldn’t notice until it was curfew and Huburt hadn’t... more
              • Still a lot of effort - Dade, Fri May 4 16:04
                In general, Drew made Dade feel very comfortable. He didn’t make Dade feel like he had to talk a lot and when Dade indicated he needed space, Drew gave him space. When it was clear that Dade had more ... more
                • Well do you have a solution? - Drew, Fri May 4 16:55
                  Drew nodded and listened to Dade explain it. Drew was a good listener. When Kit was your best friend, you got used to listening, because Kit never stopped talking. Also because of Kit, Drew was... more
                  • Problems are more my speed - Dade , Sat May 5 07:11
                    Journalism was kind of Drew’s thing, aside from music, and Dade couldn’t really say he understood. He and Remington were much more interested in doing research about spells and practising the spells... more
                    • “Okay,” Drew said simply, like that was all he needed to know, because it was. He could tell Dade was starting to get upset and he didn’t want that. In fact Drew was surprised by how many questions... more
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