I'm sure we can find a compromise
Wed May 2, 2018 23:29

Dade was the youngest of three (four if you counted Charlene, which nobody ever did because she wasn’t worth counting) and Remington was an only child, and sometimes you could tell those things. But Drew was an older sibling and he definitely showed it sometimes. Not all the time, but there were definitely some times that Drew did things that Rose would have done. Somehow, though, when Dade opened his eyes and saw Drew offering him his hand, it was different than if it had been Rose, and not just because Drew was offering rather than demanding. Although that helped.

“Uh,” Dade stammered a little, not sure what to do, before taking Drew’s hand. It felt warm, but that might have been because his were definitely cold. “Thanks,” he said, ignoring the flush creeping up his cheeks. His skin was darker than his siblings’ so it was slightly less noticeable than it might have been on Connor, but probably still visible for anyone paying attention. “I just. You don’t need to get in trouble again because of me.” Dade said. It wasn’t really his fault that Claudia had ratted them out, but the whole accidentally setting the hallway on fire had been kind of the impetus for most of the events of the day. Drew had said it was all taken care of and that Dade and Remington weren’t going to be in trouble because of it, but Drew’s dad had probably still yelled at him and that wasn’t a fun thing.

It wasn’t that Dade wouldn’t have done the same for Drew, but he might not have thought about it. Drew was very thoughtful almost all of the time and very nice. He cared about people, even people like Darlene and Kit. Dade was personally not a fan of Drew caring about Darlene, but he was too scared of upsetting Drew to make a fuss over it like Kit did. Kit practically went into a screaming rage whenever anyone thought too hard about Darlene in her presence. Drew seemed to have mostly taken that in stride, too. Dade didn’t understand how someone could be cousins with Kit - it seemed like an exercise in exhaustion, futility, and frustration - but he supposed that people could say the same thing about being related to Connor, or even to Rose. No, Drew was just inhumanly nice and Dade was a little overwhelmed by it.

  • I don’t like the sound of that - Andrew Tennant, Wed May 2 15:34
    So today was not going great, because Drew had been called into his dad’s office. Dad was in Counselor Mode and had some questions about some spell incantations that Drew had written down. The ones... more
    • I'm sure we can find a compromise - Dade, Wed May 2 23:29
      • You could be here part-time - Drew, Thu May 3 06:54
        Dade’s hand was cold, and Drew’s first thought was that wow, he must have been more scared than Drew realized. He also noticed that Dade was blushing, but he didn’t have time to really think about... more
        • Part-time existence sounds stressful - Dade, Fri May 4 09:48
          Drew held Dade’s hand as they went up the stairs and Dade worked on trying to breathe and walk at the same time. There was just so much going on that the very last thing he wanted was for the stairs... more
          • But is it better than full-time? - Drew, Fri May 4 10:39
            Dade was almost as neat as Huburt, except that you could tell someone actually lived in Dade’s room. If Huburt suddenly moved out, Drew probably wouldn’t notice until it was curfew and Huburt hadn’t... more
            • Still a lot of effort - Dade, Fri May 4 16:04
              In general, Drew made Dade feel very comfortable. He didn’t make Dade feel like he had to talk a lot and when Dade indicated he needed space, Drew gave him space. When it was clear that Dade had more ... more
              • Well do you have a solution? - Drew, Fri May 4 16:55
                Drew nodded and listened to Dade explain it. Drew was a good listener. When Kit was your best friend, you got used to listening, because Kit never stopped talking. Also because of Kit, Drew was... more
                • Problems are more my speed - Dade , Sat May 5 07:11
                  Journalism was kind of Drew’s thing, aside from music, and Dade couldn’t really say he understood. He and Remington were much more interested in doing research about spells and practising the spells... more
                  • “Okay,” Drew said simply, like that was all he needed to know, because it was. He could tell Dade was starting to get upset and he didn’t want that. In fact Drew was surprised by how many questions... more
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