You could be here part-time
Thu May 3, 2018 06:54

Dade’s hand was cold, and Drew’s first thought was that wow, he must have been more scared than Drew realized. He also noticed that Dade was blushing, but he didn’t have time to really think about that before his friend kept talking. Drew shrugged. “Dad just lectured me a little, it was no big deal. Besides, you don’t need to get in trouble again because of something that isn’t your fault,” he pointed out. Dade couldn’t control the staircases, and he’d already gone through enough crap today. Drew still didn’t know the details about why what had happened had happened, but he had never seen Dade this upset, so it must have been pretty bad. “At least if we both get in trouble, we don’t have to do solo detention,” Drew joked. His solo detentions with Rob hadn’t been that bad last year, because Rob was totally on his side with the whole Connor thing, but Drew suspected that detention with the Headmaster for allegedly trying to sneak into the girls’ dorms would be less fun.

“Ready? Let’s go.” They went up the stairs without anyone falling through. Phew. Drew was really glad that that had worked. He’d acted confident because Dade had seemed worried, but Drew was pretty sure that holding hands wouldn’t have stopped the stairs from trapdooring them. Being sent to Toby’s office was probably the only thing that would make today worse.

Drew grinned and let go of Dade’s hand. “There! Made it.” He felt like high-fiving, but Dade didn’t seem like he was in a high-fiving mood. Drew resisted the impulse. As they walked to Dade’s room, Drew made sure he was on his friend’s right side, so that Drew was in between Connor’s dorm and Dade while they passed the older Farnon boy’s room. Drew had his hand on his wand in his right jeans pocket, but Connor didn’t leave his room and Drew didn’t have to use it. “Okay cool, I’ll come over in a minute. I’m just gonna go change and grab my pillow and stuff,” he said, jerking his thumb over his shoulder at his door, which was right across the hallway from Dade’s.

Huburt went to sleep at exactly nine o’clock every single day. Relatedly, Drew had gotten really good at moving around quietly because he was, like, a normal thirteen-year-old and not secretly an old man who went to bed at nine o’clock even on weekends. Drew’s side of the room wasn’t super tidy, but it was an organized mess in the sense that Drew knew where all his stuff was, even if it was in scattered piles. Without even using Lumos, Drew quietly changed into his pajamas, brushed his teeth, washed his face, went to the bathroom, and collected his pillow and blankets before going back to Dade’s room. He knocked lightly on the door, so hopefully it wouldn’t disturb Dade’s neighbors. You didn’t just barge into someone else’s room without knocking. Especially Dade. Dade was someone you should give a lot of warning to before you did anything.

After Dade let him in, Drew set up his blankets and pillow on the floor near Dade’s bed. “How’s it going? Do you feel any better?” He figured Dade would want to use a spell to lock the door, and Drew had also had the idea that they could wedge a book under the door so it couldn’t be pushed open from the other side. One of the Cultural Studies books was probably the right size.

  • I'm sure we can find a compromise - Dade, Wed May 2 23:29
    Dade was the youngest of three (four if you counted Charlene, which nobody ever did because she wasn’t worth counting) and Remington was an only child, and sometimes you could tell those things. But... more
    • You could be here part-time - Drew, Thu May 3 06:54
      • Part-time existence sounds stressful - Dade, Fri May 4 09:48
        Drew held Dade’s hand as they went up the stairs and Dade worked on trying to breathe and walk at the same time. There was just so much going on that the very last thing he wanted was for the stairs... more
        • But is it better than full-time? - Drew, Fri May 4 10:39
          Dade was almost as neat as Huburt, except that you could tell someone actually lived in Dade’s room. If Huburt suddenly moved out, Drew probably wouldn’t notice until it was curfew and Huburt hadn’t... more
          • Still a lot of effort - Dade, Fri May 4 16:04
            In general, Drew made Dade feel very comfortable. He didn’t make Dade feel like he had to talk a lot and when Dade indicated he needed space, Drew gave him space. When it was clear that Dade had more ... more
            • Well do you have a solution? - Drew, Fri May 4 16:55
              Drew nodded and listened to Dade explain it. Drew was a good listener. When Kit was your best friend, you got used to listening, because Kit never stopped talking. Also because of Kit, Drew was... more
              • Problems are more my speed - Dade , Sat May 5 07:11
                Journalism was kind of Drew’s thing, aside from music, and Dade couldn’t really say he understood. He and Remington were much more interested in doing research about spells and practising the spells... more
                • “Okay,” Drew said simply, like that was all he needed to know, because it was. He could tell Dade was starting to get upset and he didn’t want that. In fact Drew was surprised by how many questions... more
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