Connor Farnon
Well we can't be having that
Fri May 4, 2018 07:14

Since Connor wasn’t taking very many classes, his days were typically fairly light. He had considered doing something else in that time, but the clubs available did not particularly interest him - he kept attending AgriClub despite disliking it largely because Nolan enjoyed it. There was still the option to pick up more classes, but Connor had dropped the ones he had dropped for a reason. And finally, there was the option to get a job, but the fourth-year would not even consider that idea for more than a second. It might be a good way to pass the time, but the idea of working retail made the corners of his mouth turn down and his head hurt. It seemed like an inconvenient waste of his efforts. He didn’t know how Rose managed to work in a shop, or why she would other than to be contrary.

Consequently, the Cetus spent a fair amount of his time reading. He read slowly, unlike his siblings, so a single book could entertain him for quite awhile. Right now, he was reading a book that Professor Boot had recommended. Connor typically enjoyed History of Magic, and to a lesser extent Cultural Studies, although he would never admit that. And particularly not to Claudia, whose justified self-defense against Holland Keene had landed her in detention with Professor Blair once a week until the end of term, and Professor McKindy once a week until the end of term. For obvious reasons, Connor had always struggled to like Professor McKindy, and this event had certainly not endeared the man to him. Unfortunately, Spellwork was a fairly necessary class and both he and Claudia were in it, despite their distaste for the professor. Connor suspected that the goal of placing Claudia in detention with Professor Blair had been to change her mind about people like Holland, but although Connor could begrudgingly accept some things about homosexuals, Holland was apparently an entirely different case.

Connor often found his dormitory to be stuffy, and spent a fair amount of time in the Cetus commons particularly during the day when it tended to be relatively empty, as people went about their business in class, work, or clubs. He was there at that moment when he heard the door open and looked up. It seemed early for people to be coming back from class, unless they had decided to skip. And to his surprise, it was Claudia entering the room. Connor would have frowned, but he did not want Claudia to believe him unhappy to see her. They had been spending much more time together since Midterm, sometimes with Nolan or Caleb Taylor in tow. Nolan was, of course, somebody Connor approved of. However, he distrusted Caleb’s intentions towards Claudia, who he considered his closest friend despite the potential implied impropriety of that statement. Claudia was well-behaved and well-bred, and although her family was much more influential than his, Connor valued those attributes as well as any pureblood did.

When Claudia came to him, he immediately noticed something was amiss and moved over on the couch to make room for her, should she choose to seat herself. He closed his book and placed it on the table in front of them, smoothing his silver robes over the khakis and blue polo shirt he had chosen to wear today. It did not take Claudia very long to inform him of the problem - and that was when Connor scowled.

His first instinct was to take her hands reassuringly in his, but as they had previously dissolved their more exclusive friendship, Connor felt that was inappropriate. He would like to question how his brother had done such a thing, but being friends with such people as Andrew Tennant, who was clearly a violent individual, had obviously changed Dade’s idea of the appropriate manner in which to interact with people. But even Andrew’s influence seemed unlikely to predispose his brother to arson! And attacking someone as sweet and gentle as Claudia, who had so recently been exposed to harassment from an upperclassman - it was entirely unacceptable. However, Connor was disinclined to frighten Claudia by expressing his upset as emphatically as he wished to.

“That is absolutely horrible,” Connor said, his voice displaying his upset on her behalf. “I am truly, truly sorry that my brother did such a horrible thing. I absolutely will not stand for it,” he said intensely, before realizing that he ought to be more careful about his tone. Claudia must be in such distress, and she had gone to the medic as well! “Did he injure you? Is there anything at all I can do to help?”

Oh, his father would be hearing about this. As soon as Connor made sure that Claudia was in less immediate distress, his father would be hearing about this. And then Dade would be in leagues of trouble. How could he attack someone like Claudia? Connor was so ashamed to be related to someone who would do such a terrible thing.

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    • Well we can't be having that - Connor Farnon, Fri May 4 07:14
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