But is it better than full-time?
Fri May 4, 2018 10:39

Dade was almost as neat as Huburt, except that you could tell someone actually lived in Dade’s room. If Huburt suddenly moved out, Drew probably wouldn’t notice until it was curfew and Huburt hadn’t been asleep for two hours, because there was hardly any evidence that another person used that side of their room. In Dade’s room you could see his books and stuff, but everything was super organized. There were no old homework assignments on the floor or stray quills or loose gobstones (that one was actually a hazard, Drew should probably pick those up).

Luckily it sounded like Dade was feeling better, even if he was still worried about Claudia and Connor. “If he comes here, I’ll make him go away,” Drew said, with an easy confidence that he could do that. He had no idea how, but he could figure something out. He wouldn’t threaten to punch Connor again, because he was pretty sure Connor would tattle if he did, but he could probably imply that he would hit Connor without saying something Connor could use to get him in trouble. Claudia—Claudia he couldn’t do much about, but she couldn’t come up here to the boys’ dorms, so she wasn’t a problem for now. Since Dade had cast the first spell today, Drew would bet that she wasn’t looking to talk to Dade any time soon.

Dade thought that she would, though, and that made Drew wonder what had actually happened. He hadn’t asked, not once, the whole time. Dad hadn’t given a lot of details, but what he had mentioned made it sound like everything was Dade’s fault—that he just randomly hexed Claudia without her provoking him. That just didn’t sound like Dade.

In Drew’s family, when someone you cared about needed help, you dropped everything and you helped them. It didn’t matter why they needed help—even if it was their fault, you still helped, because that’s what friends and family did for each other. But…

But Drew couldn’t help it that he really wanted to know. Plus, how was he supposed to help if he didnt know why this had happened? “You don’t have to say if you don’t want to,” Drew began. He was willing to drop it if Dade rebuffed the question, and Dade should know that because Drew always dropped it when they disagreed on something, “but why—uh—what happened with Claudia? Like, how come you…” He trailed off uncertainly and shrugged. “Used magic?” Claudia must have done something. That was the only thing that made sense.

  • Part-time existence sounds stressful - Dade, Fri May 4 09:48
    Drew held Dade’s hand as they went up the stairs and Dade worked on trying to breathe and walk at the same time. There was just so much going on that the very last thing he wanted was for the stairs... more
    • But is it better than full-time? - Drew, Fri May 4 10:39
      • Still a lot of effort - Dade, Fri May 4 16:04
        In general, Drew made Dade feel very comfortable. He didn’t make Dade feel like he had to talk a lot and when Dade indicated he needed space, Drew gave him space. When it was clear that Dade had more ... more
        • Well do you have a solution? - Drew, Fri May 4 16:55
          Drew nodded and listened to Dade explain it. Drew was a good listener. When Kit was your best friend, you got used to listening, because Kit never stopped talking. Also because of Kit, Drew was... more
          • Problems are more my speed - Dade , Sat May 5 07:11
            Journalism was kind of Drew’s thing, aside from music, and Dade couldn’t really say he understood. He and Remington were much more interested in doing research about spells and practising the spells... more
            • “Okay,” Drew said simply, like that was all he needed to know, because it was. He could tell Dade was starting to get upset and he didn’t want that. In fact Drew was surprised by how many questions... more
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