What do you propose?
Fri May 4, 2018 11:26

Claudia had joined Connor on the couch as he had moved across to make room for her, and sitting down was a relief; her dizziness did not subside but while she was seated it was less likely to cause a severe problem. Close proximity to a person she trusted was also a welcome sensation. However Connor’s vehemence in expressing his dissatisfaction with the situation was mildly unsettling. Claudia was immensely grateful to be reassured that she had a friend who would stand up for her, but she was aggrieved that this necessitated friction between family members. She was, unhappily, in a position where she was quarrelling with her sibling, and she had not intended for the same fate to befall Connor. It was, as he so rightly assessed, horrible.

“Did he injure you? Is there anything at all I can do to help?” Connor asked, his tone more soothing without its previous intensity.

“I was only hurt a little,” Claudia sought to reassure him, although he would inevitably be alarmed as she went on to briefly recount her traumatic ordeal. “You don’t need to do anything,” she shook her head for emphasis. She understood that being Dade’s brother placed Connor in a difficult position. “Mr Tennant issued two weeks of detention and docked house points, which I hope will be a deterrent from further - further infractions,” Claudia said, her voice catching a little as she once again contemplated the possibility that this was not an isolated incident.

All Claudia had required from Connor was comfort. He had, unprompted, supplied unquestioning support and sympathetic understanding to fulfil her expectations. His bold declaration that he would not stand for Dade’s atrocious behaviour stirred a faint revival of that affection Claudia had unexpectedly experienced as a result of their prior agreement of an exclusive friendship. Yet she remained out of spirits - and she thought she could be forgiven for this, considering the circumstances - and suspected that words, even those kindly spoken, would be of limited benefit.

Claudia had never been prone to extensive physical contact, but she did find comfort in an occasional affection embrace from her parents. Previously she had been consoled by Dardanius in this manner, but she was barely on speaking terms with her brother. It would be highly improper for Claudia to be so proximal with any unrelated person, and so she would not consider asking Connor to indulge such an obscene request, no matter how sorely she was tempted to make it. As a compromise to soothe her raw nerves, however, she did place an unsteady hand lightly upon his arm. “I am sorry to burden you,” she said quietly, lamenting how exposed she felt after such a wretched trial. “Your friendship is invaluable.”

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    • What do you propose? - Claudia, Fri May 4 11:26
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