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Sat May 5, 2018 08:36

As Claudia narrated the situation in which she had found herself not long before their meeting, Connor grew more horrified than he had been, although he made his best attempts to remain outwardly calm, for Claudia’s sake. The last thing she needed was more conflict in her life right now, and even the implication that Connor might take action might be upsetting to her. He deeply regretted his fistfight with Andrew last year, and absolutely understood how his past experience with violence might make Claudia uncomfortable. She had been through so much because of his brother, though, and Connor had no intention of letting that stand. Dade had attacked her entirely out of nowhere, thrown her backwards, and then started a fire? There was clearly something deeply wrong with him. At some point, Dade had morphed into an unstable stranger from the quiet, thoughtful younger brother Connor had once known. It was despicable, and just went to show how important the company that one kept was.

Although the fourth year was increasingly certain that he knew nothing about his brother anymore, Connor could guess with relative certainty that a detention and some House points being docked wasn’t about to deter Dade from committing further infractions if he were so inclined. But of course, that was the last thing that Connor was going to tell Claudia. He would keep a close eye on her and make sure his brother did not further aggravate the situation. Perhaps he would tell Nolan and Caleb - but of course not without Claudia’s permission. If she was disinclined to let the school know what had transpired, Connor would absolutely understand. However, if she wanted the whole school to know that Dade was dangerous and possibly deranged, Connor could understand that too. All he wanted to do was make sure Claudia felt safe and reassured in her time of need.

“I’m sure that Dade will understand the severity of his actions and not repeat them,” Connor lied confidently, agreeing with Claudia’s words even though he wasn’t sure how true they were. The veracity of her statement was not, at this moment, as important as her belief in the veracity of her statement.

Then Claudia put her hand on his arm, and Connor blinked in surprise. She seemed to be shaking a little bit, and without thinking it through thoroughly, Connor placed his hand comfortingly on hers. Once he had done it, his brain caught up and made objections that he nervously disregarded. It was clear that what Claudia needed right now was reassurance, and if she had reached out to him for reassurance, even though their friendship was no longer exclusive, that meant it was permissible - right?

“You are absolutely no burden,” Connor reassured her, gently but firmly. “I simply want to help you recover from this horrendous incident. I also treasure our friendship deeply,” he added, wondering if it was an improper thing to say. He hoped not, for he truly did consider Claudia his dearest friend.

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    • Didn't get that far yet - Connor, Sat May 5 08:36
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