Guess I have to do everything around here
Sun May 6, 2018 13:56

“Okay,” Drew said simply, like that was all he needed to know, because it was. He could tell Dade was starting to get upset and he didn’t want that. In fact Drew was surprised by how many questions Dade had already answered without shutting the conversation down. That happened sometimes with Dade if you tried to get him to talk about personal stuff too much, although Drew was pretty good at avoiding that. “I believe you,” Drew reassured him, “and it doesn’t matter why anyway.”

He had to admit that if Dade’s reason for hexing Claudia had been because I wanted to test the fireants spell on someone besides Kit or because I don’t like her, he would find it pretty hard to agree with Dade. It wasn’t okay to go around hexing people just because you felt like it. But even if that were the case Drew would still be here to protect Dade from Connor and make him feel better because that’s what friends did. Plus Dade had obviously had a reason, because people didn’t do things for no reason, and because Dade seemed really upset. Not just I’m-sad-I-got-in-trouble upset but actual I’m-scared upset. “I was just curious. But I’m on your side no matter what.”

He was still confused, though. What could Connor have lied to Claudia about that would make her want to attack Dade? Drew couldn’t think of anything that would do that, unless Connor had told her Dade had hexed him first or something. Even if that was true, though, Drew couldn’t imagine Connor volunteering anything that made him look bad, like getting beaten up by his younger brother. Then Drew remembered what Dade had said when all the staircases broke: “Whatever you heard was wrong.” Drew tried to trace the thought back to where it had started—stairs, okay, so Dade had said that because Drew asked about gender, because Dade had brought up gender—and then today he had been worried about Claudia, and he’d mentioned her not liking Holland twice, and Holland’s gender was different from most peoples’—Drew was pretty sure that he’d have an explanation if those two ideas would connect…

And then they did. Huh. He felt a little surprised, but not in a bad way. Not really in a good way either. This wasn’t a good or bad thing, it just… was. But Dade was acting like everything was really, really bad, and Drew had already decided to drop it, and he might be wrong anyhow. So instead of saying anything, Drew just fluffed up his pillow. He’d laid his comforter out so that he was on half of it, like a mattress, and could fold the other half over himself, like a blanket, which he did. “All right, well, good night.”

  • Problems are more my speed - Dade , Sat May 5 07:11
    Journalism was kind of Drew’s thing, aside from music, and Dade couldn’t really say he understood. He and Remington were much more interested in doing research about spells and practising the spells... more
    • Guess I have to do everything around here - Drew, Sun May 6 13:56
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