Mister Sprockets
Letter for Claudia Dubois
Sun May 6, 2018 15:31

Round yellow eyes stared at a pair of Cetus students walking past, then left them dismissively. The tiny Northern Saw-whet owl had been waiting outside Claudia's door for some minutes now, as he was under strict orders to "make sure that actually gets to the right person this time" instead of simply dropping it and assuming it would be picked up without issue. Fortunately, the doorknob was wide enough for him to perch on. It was relatively comfortable. Unfortunately, he wasn't used to sitting still, and one side of the envelope was ridged with pointy talon-marks from his fidgeting.

But fortunately again, there she was! Finally! Mister Sprockets heralded the girl's arrival with a high-pitched, chirpy whooo and, balancing wobbily on one foot, held out the letter to her. Hopefully she'd take it from him quick, because otherwise he would probably topple over and take a nosedive into the floor.

Dear Claudia, the letter began in his owner's neat printing. She had long stopped dotting her i's with hearts, but persisted in drawing circles larger than the typical dot.

It was really upsetting to hear that you'd been attacked. But you know what was even more upsetting? I didn't hear it from you.

Obviously we're not friends anymore, and I'm sorry I can't say this to you out loud (but everything you've done makes me totally uncomfortable so I had to write a letter instead). But you could've died and I'd never get to tell you that I miss being friends. Honestly. Not that I want to be friends again, because I know what you think of me, and we can't. But I still miss you and I hope that you're ok.

A sad-face completed the sentence. It was kind of smudged, as if she had started drawing it and changed her mind halfway through, only to continue upon realizing that the dark blue ink wasn't as easy to siphon off the paper as hoped. Following this was a larger smudge, as if she had struggled to decide how to close the letter until finally settling on her normal signature with the curly-tailed y.

From Marley

    • So many thoughts and feelings - Claudia Dubois, Tue May 8 14:46
      There was a letter from Marley. Claudia knew immediately because the overexcited owl perched on her doorknob belonged to Marley, and it thrust a letter towards Claudia when she approached. Knowing... more
      • This will help! - Mister Sprockets, Mon May 14 23:55
        [OOC: continued from Lyra] A day had passed and the dark-brown-and-white speckled owl was back, this time under equally strict orders to do the opposite thing and just dump his letter outside the... more
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