Mister Sprockets
This will help!
Mon May 14, 2018 23:55

[OOC: continued from Lyra]

A day had passed and the dark-brown-and-white speckled owl was back, this time under equally strict orders to do the opposite thing and just dump his letter outside the addresseeís door. Mister Sprockets was confused by this change of heart, but not bothered. It was less work for him! In fact, he was so unbothered that he didnít even fly up to the proper room door and instead just dropped it in the middle of the Cetus girlsí staircase. Her name was written on the outside, fortunately face-up, so it should get to the right person. Probably. Meh.


If you didnít have anything nice to say, then why did you write back at all? (Thatís a saying in wizard families too, right?) (Never mind, donít answer that.)

You can save your ink next time - itís OK. All I wanted was to express my worry for you and that I miss you and miss being friends. Thanks for the reassurance of your health etc., Iím glad to hear it, but you donít need to deny your feelings. The rest of your letter makes it totally obvious.

Stopping now.


Folded inside the letter was the same, now well-creased, letter with the broken green wax seal. Its recipient had decided she no longer needed it and that, optimistically, it might have better use with its writer, or more realistically, it would just be tossed out at that end instead of at hers.

Unlike last time, her signature was firm, although the y still kept its childish curly tail.

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    • This will help! - Mister Sprockets, Mon May 14 23:55
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