Dade Farnon
Yet another Cetus thread [Drew]
Mon May 21, 2018 16:32

“Hey Drew?” Dade called anxiously through the door. “Do you have your Defense notes?”

Somehow, Dade’s notebook had gone missing. It was the notebook with his Defense stuff in it, both the formal stuff and the informal stuff that Ruben had been teaching them. Dade had searched his entire room top to bottom, had emptied his bag on to his bed, had even checked to make sure it wasn’t hiding inside another notebook - but it was nowhere to be found. After finding out that Claudia had snooped in Drew’s notebook, Dade had carefully transcribed all of his previous notes on questionable topics using a cod, and had taken all of his notes from that point forward in code too. So it couldn’t easily be used to get him in trouble. But now it was missing, and Dade had the sneaking suspicion that Claudia had stolen it in order to decode his notes and tattle on him to Mr. Tennant or another teacher.

It was just a matter of time before Claudia made her next move. Dade knew it, but he knew that nobody else was going to believe him. He’d tried expressing his concern to Drew, but Drew hadn’t believed him. He was nice about it, and he had offered to help do whatever Dade needed to feel better, but Dade knew he wasn’t taking the threat seriously. Talking to Holland might have been a good idea, but Dade was worried that if he talked to Holland, more people would figure out that he was maybe like Holland. Plus, Holland was dating Danny and even if they didn’t mean to, they might tell Danny they were going to talk to Dade, and then Danny might tell Claudia, and then Claudia would know where he was.

As it was, Dade was spending a fair amount of time in the boys’ dorms, because he knew that Claudia couldn’t get up there. It was safe. He had been skipping classes if he wasn’t walking with Drew or Remington to them, and he preferred to take the secret passageways instead of the regular corridors, as he was pretty sure Claudia didn’t know the passageways as well as he did. There were more places to hide in the passageways, if he heard her coming.

With everything going on and his need to be extra cautious everywhere he went, Dade was behind on studying for his STOATs. It was almost bad enough to ask Rose for help; even if his sister didn’t necessarily think that Claudia was going to come back to finish what she had almost started, he was sure that if Claudia tried to do anything with Rose around, the older girl would regret it almost immediately. But that meant admitting to Rose that he needed help, which was - hard. It was much easier to borrow Drew’s notes.

“Drew?” Dade called again, not having heard a response. “Are you in there?”

    • It’d be weird for us to have a Draco thread - Andrew Tennant, Mon May 21 17:54
      Remington was getting really good at swimming. She’d told Drew about the whole thing with the fish in the pool. It was really weird that that had happened at all—Drew had lived at RMI his whole life, ... more
      • Don't knock it 'til you've tried it - Dade, Tue May 22 11:09
        Sometimes Dade forgot that Drew had a roommate, because Huburt spent a lot of time either in the library or asleep at stupid times of the night. Huburt came out of the room as Drew answered the door... more
        • Would that be House appropriation? - Drew, Tue May 22 11:52
          Drew frowned a little. Dade’s notes were missing? Drew immediately thought about Claudia spying on his notebook and tattling about it to his dad. She’d accused Dade of trying to learn questionable... more
          • “Banshees?” Dade made a face. He hated that all they did in Defense was learn about creatures. It had gotten better this year but last year had just been all creatures, all the time. They were doing... more
            • I have Draco friends, so it’s okay - Drew, Tue May 22 15:37
              Drew shrugged. He didn’t mind learning about banshees. Dade would like it if they did more hexes and stuff in class, but Drew thought it made sense to learn about Dark creatures in Defense Against... more
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