Andrew Tennant
It’d be weird for us to have a Draco thread
Mon May 21, 2018 17:54

Remington was getting really good at swimming. She’d told Drew about the whole thing with the fish in the pool. It was really weird that that had happened at all—Drew had lived at RMI his whole life, and people had done a lot of different things to the rec center, like turning it into a beach, but no one had ever put fish in it before as far as he knew—but he’d teased her about how he needed to step up his lessons so she wouldn’t need a first-year to rescue her in the future. But it had been a couple weeks since then and she was totally nailing floating on her back and going underwater. He wasn’t surprised by how fast she was learning. Remy was super smart, and she didn’t fail at stuff. Soon she’d probably be good enough to teach those fish a thing or two.

After they were done in the pool, Drew went back to his room to shower the chloriney smell off. As soon as he left the bathroom to get dressed, Huburt said, “Dade wants you,” and waved his hand at the door. Huburt had his backpack on, which meant he was about to go to the library.

“Oh,” Drew said. He heard Dade call his name from outside the room, so Huburt must be right. Not that he could imagine Huburt ever lying about anything for any reason. Huburt would tell the truth even if he was playing poker. “Yeah, just a sec,” Drew called, stepping into his shorts.

“He said he wanted to borrow your Defense notes.” Huburt sounded very skeptical.

Drew shrugged, not really sure how to answer the implied question. Notes weren’t the kind of thing people usually asked Drew for, but he was always happy to help his friends. “Hey, sorry,” Drew said, finishing pulling on his t-shirt as he answered the door. Huburt briefly greeted Dade and then left the second years’ dorm, heading toward the stairs. Drew opened the door wider so Dade could come in.

“Yeah, you can borrow my notes.” The thing about Drew’s notes was that they were in his handwriting, which was messy. You could still read it (at least Drew always could, and Remy didn’t seem to have any problems even though she made fun of how not-neat it was), but it might be hard for Dade. Besides that, Drew wasn’t that good at taking notes. Remy’s notebooks were always super organized and color-coded, and Drew’s usually had scribbles and arrows all over them. Plus Remy was in Dade’s year, so her notes would have more information anyway. “Are you sure you want ‘em? Remy’s way better at taking notes than I am. I’m sure she’d lend you hers.”

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    “Hey Drew?” Dade called anxiously through the door. “Do you have your Defense notes?” Somehow, Dade’s notebook had gone missing. It was the notebook with his Defense stuff in it, both the formal... more
    • It’d be weird for us to have a Draco thread - Andrew Tennant, Mon May 21 17:54
      • Don't knock it 'til you've tried it - Dade, Tue May 22 11:09
        Sometimes Dade forgot that Drew had a roommate, because Huburt spent a lot of time either in the library or asleep at stupid times of the night. Huburt came out of the room as Drew answered the door... more
        • Would that be House appropriation? - Drew, Tue May 22 11:52
          Drew frowned a little. Dade’s notes were missing? Drew immediately thought about Claudia spying on his notebook and tattling about it to his dad. She’d accused Dade of trying to learn questionable... more
          • “Banshees?” Dade made a face. He hated that all they did in Defense was learn about creatures. It had gotten better this year but last year had just been all creatures, all the time. They were doing... more
            • I have Draco friends, so it’s okay - Drew, Tue May 22 15:37
              Drew shrugged. He didn’t mind learning about banshees. Dade would like it if they did more hexes and stuff in class, but Drew thought it made sense to learn about Dark creatures in Defense Against... more
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