Would that be House appropriation?
Tue May 22, 2018 11:52

Drew frowned a little. Dade’s notes were missing? Drew immediately thought about Claudia spying on his notebook and tattling about it to his dad. She’d accused Dade of trying to learn questionable magic with Drew. Dad had believed Drew when he said that no one else was involved with him looking up those spells (which was true), but maybe Claudia had gone looking for proof that she was right? Drew wasn’t convinced by Dade’s theory that Claudia was going to come after him again, but she’d already proven she could be sneaky and get all up in other peoples’ business. He’d be more willing to believe that she would take Dade’s notes than that she would, like, actually attack him. Although she seemed just as scared of Dade as he was of her since the fire so maybe she wouldn’t try anything with him.

Well in the meantime, Dade could have Drew’s notes, for whatever they were worth. Probably not a lot. Dade probably would have had better luck with Huburt’s notes, but he always took all his books with him when he went to the library. Besides, Dade and Huburt were getting along even less since then the whole Claudia thing. “Yeah, of course.” He gestured for Dade to come into the room.

On his way to his backpack, Drew picked up his damp towel from the floor and threw it in the hamper near his nightstand. Drew’s side of the room was always going to be messier than Huburt’s side or Dade’s room but it didn’t have to be this messy. After that he unzipped his backpack and pulled out the notebook he had for Defense Against the Dark Arts notes. It was different from the personal notebook he wrote down self-defense research in, because he didn’t want to have that notebook out in class. If Dade wanted his other notes he could have those too, but they were even less organized because he wrote down music and Rocky Voices stuff and other things in that book.

“We talked about banshees on Thursday and Friday.” Drew handed the notebook to Dade, and then hesitated. “You’ve been missing class a lot lately,” he said carefully, trying not to sound accusatory, just pointing it out. The second and third years had a lot of classes together, and Drew had definitely noticed Dade not showing up to all of them. “Are you okay?”

  • Don't knock it 'til you've tried it - Dade, Tue May 22 11:09
    Sometimes Dade forgot that Drew had a roommate, because Huburt spent a lot of time either in the library or asleep at stupid times of the night. Huburt came out of the room as Drew answered the door... more
    • Would that be House appropriation? - Drew, Tue May 22 11:52
      • “Banshees?” Dade made a face. He hated that all they did in Defense was learn about creatures. It had gotten better this year but last year had just been all creatures, all the time. They were doing... more
        • I have Draco friends, so it’s okay - Drew, Tue May 22 15:37
          Drew shrugged. He didn’t mind learning about banshees. Dade would like it if they did more hexes and stuff in class, but Drew thought it made sense to learn about Dark creatures in Defense Against... more
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