Excuse you, it's appreciation not appropration
Tue May 22, 2018 14:16

“Banshees?” Dade made a face. He hated that all they did in Defense was learn about creatures. It had gotten better this year but last year had just been all creatures, all the time. They were doing more mixed work now, but Dade wished that they spent more time learning how to duel each other or actually protect themselves from other wizards or something. Something useful. The likelihood that Dade was ever going to run into a banshee was slim, and although he didn’t know much about banshees, he was pretty sure that they were less of an immediate danger than, say, Claudia. A banshee wasn’t going to go around stealing his stuff and trying to get him in trouble just because he’d defended himself against something before it happened. Dade thought that making sure things didn’t happen was better than responding to them when they did. Ruben seemed to agree, in that Ruben really liked offensive magic, but Dade wasn’t sure how much anyone else agreed.

Then Drew mentioned Dade’s class attendance and the third-year looked down at his boring, white socks and shifted a little uncomfortably. He didn’t want Drew to feel like he had to take care of him, but realistically Dade wasn’t going to leave Cetus without someone, and Remington was in Draco which meant she couldn’t get into Cetus. It made going to class hard. It was easier to just sit in his room, which was protectively spelled thanks to advice and help from Holland and Rose. Claudia couldn’t get in there anyways, and Connor would be in trouble if he tried. Dade’s room was safe and he liked it. Even being in Drew’s room made him feel a little anxious.

What was he supposed to say? Nobody believed him about Claudia, so that wasn’t a good thing to say. But it was the truth. And he would have been happy that the school year was coming to a close, but then he would have to take his exams and then go home for the summer and his father was really mad and Connor had probably told him everything, which he probably knew from Claudia, and Dade was terrified about how that was going to turn out. He was going to be in so much trouble. So much trouble. And there wasn’t anything he could do about it because he wasn’t old enough to Apparate and he didn’t have any money, and he didn’t have anyone to stay with even if he did leave his father’s house, and if he did leave his father’s house and couldn’t go back how would he be able to do anything? Where would he go?

The silence had been going on for far longer than was appropriate, and Dade was still staring blankly at his socks. His breathing was lighter and quicker than it probably should have been but he knew he had to say something. He just didn’t know what to say. Why was he not going to class? Why? It wasn’t just Defense, if it was just Defense then he would be able to blame it on the professor but it was also History of Magic and Astronomy and Cultural Studies and Spellwork….

“Everything is okay,” Dade managed eventually, distantly, feeling as though he were a third party, observing the conversation. “Just. Exams. And now Claudia stole my notebook so I can’t study.” Maybe she wanted him to fail. Maybe that was the plan. Maybe she didn’t know about the notes he kept in code. She just wanted him to fail a year.

  • Would that be House appropriation? - Drew, Tue May 22 11:52
    Drew frowned a little. Dade’s notes were missing? Drew immediately thought about Claudia spying on his notebook and tattling about it to his dad. She’d accused Dade of trying to learn questionable... more
    • Excuse you, it's appreciation not appropration - Dade, Tue May 22 14:16
      • I have Draco friends, so it’s okay - Drew, Tue May 22 15:37
        Drew shrugged. He didn’t mind learning about banshees. Dade would like it if they did more hexes and stuff in class, but Drew thought it made sense to learn about Dark creatures in Defense Against... more
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