I have Draco friends, so it’s okay
Tue May 22, 2018 15:37

Drew shrugged. He didn’t mind learning about banshees. Dade would like it if they did more hexes and stuff in class, but Drew thought it made sense to learn about Dark creatures in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Even if there was some overlap with Magizoobotany, all the topics had to go somewhere. There was overlap in a lot of things. Like how Potions and Magizoobotany overlapped when they learned about potions ingredients that came from plants and animals, or how Cultural Studies and History of Magic overlapped because history affected culture and vice versa, or how Charms and Transfigurations overlapped so much that they were all covered in one class, Spellwork. You couldn’t draw a line and say, yes, banshees are completely in one category, because they weren’t.

Everything is okay,” Dade said, sounding like someone who really wasn’t okay. Drew sighed a little and sat down on his bed and listened.

If Dade was just stressed about exams, Drew could definitely help with that. Sometimes Remy worked waaaay too hard on homework and studying (she totally didn’t need to study as much as she did. Her brain was, like, Permanent Sticking-Charmed for facts even when she’d only studied a little) and Drew was the person who made sure she took breaks. If you were studying so hard and for so long that you fell asleep, you should probably stop studying.

But if Dade was worried about exams, then wouldn’t going to class be the most helpful thing to get him to stop worrying? It would be kind of dumb to skip class because you were worried about not knowing enough for your exams, and Dade was pretty smart. Drew’s dad had said that sometimes people could get so anxious about doing something that it made it almost impossible for them to do it, but Drew didn’t really get how that worked. It was probably because he didn’t worry a lot. Of course he worried sometimes—he’d been worried about getting in trouble for self-defense club because of Claudia, for example—but usually he worried when something had already happened, not when something might happen. There was no point worrying about something that might not even be a problem.

Right now, he was worried about Dade, because something had definitely happened and Dade was skipping class and there was a problem. “Well, if we know Claudia took your notes, then let’s just go get ‘em back from her,” Drew said, but he wasn’t sure how much he meant it. Yes he believed Claudia would take stuff from Dade… buuuuuut he also believed that Dade would blame Claudia for anything now, and that there was more stuff than that going on. “Or you can just borrow mine. Whatever works. I really wanna help. But if you won’t tell me what you need then I can’t.”

  • “Banshees?” Dade made a face. He hated that all they did in Defense was learn about creatures. It had gotten better this year but last year had just been all creatures, all the time. They were doing... more
    • I have Draco friends, so it’s okay - Drew, Tue May 22 15:37
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