Professor Aaron McKindy
Head of House Speech, Continued
Fri Jul 13, 2018 18:53

The Cetus common room was clearly a very comfortable space often inhabited by people who enjoyed spending a lot of time there. There were large, soft chairs all over the room and plump couches that were showing the slightest bit of wear. Around low tables were spread a collection of bean-bag chairs. With the furniture arranged in clusters as it was, it would be easy for a group of students to find seating together. There was also a roaring fire in the fireplace giving off just the correct amount of heat. Above the mantle of the fireplace was an elaborate mural of the night sky, with constellations clearly visible.

“This is the Cetus commons,” he said. “There’s a quiet study room back there,” Aaron gestured at the room, which was separate from the rest of the area and had a closed door that was spelled to keep the common room noise out, “but this area doesn’t usually get too loud.

Madeleine pointed at the staircases. “Those are the girls’ stairs and these are the boys’ stairs. Right?” she checked with Aaron. “Wait, no, other way around.” She twisted her arms to point at the right ones. “If you try to go up the wrong one then they turn into a slide and send you to Toby’s office and you’ll be in trouble. Oh, but! If you’re not a boy or a girl inside and your room isn’t okay or something, then you should talk to Aaron-Dad or someone else on staff and they’ll make sure you get a room that’s in the right place and stuff.”

Not quite wincing, Aaron nodded along with Madeleine’s statement about rooming issues. He really and sincerely hoped that he wouldn’t have to deal with that any time soon, although at this point he was aware that he was on borrowed time. That idea sent little spirals of dread down his spine. Aaron was fairly certain that when it became a relevant issue, he’d somehow botch it all and Garen would be upset with him. Well. Disappointed, which was worse. Argh.

“That’s pretty much what you need to know!” Aaron said. “Quidditch sign-ups will go up soon, and you’ll start seeing advertisements for the different clubs we have on that bulletin board,” Aaron gestured at the bulletin board next to the door. “Does anyone have any questions? If not you can head on up to your rooms, your things should already be there. Oh, and just so you know - you’re expected to be in the common room by 10PM.”

“Welcome to RMI!” Madeleine cut in. “Everyone do a good job this year, okay?? And don’t be scared to ask for help, everyone is super nice.”

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This post co-written with the author of Madeleine Tennant.

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