Vivica Dixon
Roomies to the [fri]end - [TAG: Sadie]
Tue Jul 24, 2018 09:06

Vivica had spent most of her Saturday getting to know the school with her fellow ceti, Priyanka. During the morning exploration, Vivica had expressed a desire to understand more about the relationship between muggles and wizards. The results of which saw them spend a large portion of it in the library looking over the basics of the History of Magic as per Priyanka’s recommendation. Whilst she enjoyed the background knowledge and extra-curricular learning, most of which went over her head, Vivica had hoped to find a ‘Dummies Guide to muggle born magic’ or something in the eaves. The Library itself was immensely peaceful. Not only was it a quiet, peaceful, setting to work in, it seemed that Vivica’s mind felt more at ease. There were less thoughts. Less background noise.

The end of the day had arrived and Vivica had donned her ‘Wednesday’ nighty and sat plaiting her hair on her bed. Vivica thought it was a silly name for a nighty, but it was one her father had chosen and it had stuck. Her father, as silly as he was, wasn’t the sort to give every garment a nickname. That would have been too silly. However Wednesday was so called, because it was a dark grey with small white flowers all over it. And when Vivica wore it (especially when her hair was in plaits), she looked like Wednesday Adams.

Vivica had just finished putting the bobble in her second plait when Sadie entered, presumably ready to turn herself in for the night. Whilst Vivica and Sadie had shared brief introductions, the bustle of the school week had meant they hadn’t really had time to get to know each other. “Hi Sadie” Vivica smiled. “How was your day?”

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    • Stuck together - Sadie Embers, Tue Aug 7 20:23
      Sadie was worn out. It had been a full week at Rocky Mountain International. Without classes that Saturday, she suddenly found herself with free time, and she didn’t know what to do with that! The... more
      • Let's hope I don't sleep walk. Or sleep talk. - Vivica Dixon, Fri Aug 10 15:10
        Sadie seemed lovely. Not much of a talker so far, but Vivica had resolved to work on that. Sadie could also already fly and that was awesome! Vivica had a real love of heights. She loved going on... more
        • Sadie carefully inspected her sneakers. She had a charm on them to keep all dirt off, but she still took time out of her day to make sure it still worked. She used her thumb to wipe away a speck of... more
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