Sadie Embers
Stuck together
Tue Aug 7, 2018 20:23

Sadie was worn out.

It had been a full week at Rocky Mountain International. Without classes that Saturday, she suddenly found herself with free time, and she didn’t know what to do with that! The first thing she decided to do was sleep too much. She missed breakfast and barely made it into the Finer Diner for something resembling brunch. From there, she made her way back to her room. She’d planned to start looking for secret passageways - Elliot had to have made some kind of progress - but her eyes fell on her broom.

Mom got her a fantastic used broom a few years ago, and it still held up nicely. Sadie planned on kicking ass on the Cetus team as a Chaser. She liked playing pretty much all positions except Keeper (only weirdos liked playing Keeper). Both her parents played on their house Quidditch teams, and Elliot’s mom did too. She couldn’t remember if Tycho’s mom did. Sadie didn’t dislike Addi, but she was pretty wary of the woman. Tycho’s stickiness had to come from somewhere.

Anyway, she’d gotten completely distracted from her passageways quest and ended up on the Pitch. She flew for the first time since arriving at school. At home, they tried to find times to fly, but avoiding Muggle eyes sometimes sucked. This kind of flying felt different. She could fly however long she wanted, as high as she wanted, with all the cheering and whooping she could muster. She flew and did dives and swerved in and out of the hoops until she was exhausted, then did a few more laps. Seriously, this was amazing. She could fly forever.

She hoped her animagus, whenever she got to learn that, was something that could fly. Her mom’s form was a sand cat. Those things were so cute, like an ordinary house cat, but their paws had so much fur that they didn’t leave behind footprints. When she was littler, she liked to chase her mom around their small apartment. Mom usually used her form to cheat at hide and seek.

After she couldn’t fly anymore and she’d stuffed herself with dinner, finished off with a chocolate cherry cheesecake, she made her way back to Cetus. Her curls were bound to either side of her face in pigtails and her tennis shoes squeaked across the halls. She made a beeline for her room, ready for a shower and bed, and was taken by surprise by her roommate. She still wasn’t used to having one of those, especially since she hadn’t gotten to know the other girl yet.

“Hey,” Sadie smiled back a little, “It was good.” She put her broom back in its place, leaning against her desk, and sat on her bed so she could carefully untie her laces. The Cetus took pride in her shoe collection. All of her sneakers, regardless of how fancy or expensive, were kept pristine with great care. It was probably the only thing Sadie was careful about. “Went flying, ate lots of food, slept late. What about you?”

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    • Stuck together - Sadie Embers, Tue Aug 7 20:23
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