Alistair Hazelhurst
Break is over, time to suit back up
Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:46

Midterm had been an interesting time for Alistair, as he had not really heard very much from his mother while he had been at RMI for the first half of the year. He had received a few letters and packages from his grandparents, mostly baked goods from his grandmother and some pocket money from his grandfather. When he arrived home, he found out has grandparents had requested his mother to be committed to a hospital, so that she could be observed by doctors around the clock. His grandmother was not specific about why exactly she had been committed, but he knew that she was getting worse. He had asked to visit her while he was home for the holiday, but he had been told it would be best if they let her rest.

While he was home he wanted to show his grandparents everything he had learned while he was at school, even though using his wand was not allowed when he was away from school. His grandmother was amused, and almost curious about the potions that he had started making at home, and was rather impressed when he had found one that helped clear all of the extra gunk out of the sink.

Al stared at the ceiling of the common room, recalling how awkward it was to go back to the church he had grown up in and had to basically lie about everything he was doing at school. He knew that while the church itself was slightly more accepting than others in the area, he knew that talking about anything that was deemed "witchcraft". He knew that there was a gay couple who attended every Sunday, but he remembered a time where someone was outed for being a "witch", even though they simply had a triquetra on the back of their van.

Alistair had also found himself unable to pull himself back into science fiction at home. After being at RMI, he had lost interest in the subject that he used to absorb. Why would he want to read about made-up magic when he could read about the real stuff?

He got out of the chair and let out a small gasp as his foot caught on the rug beneath him and sent him sprawling on the floor.

"Man oh man, I'm just as clumsy as a catfish out of water..." Al muttered as he tried to pull himself to his feet. He looked up and saw someone staring down at him. "Bless my heart, I look like a fool."

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