Vivica Dixon
Let's hope I don't sleep walk. Or sleep talk.
Fri Aug 10, 2018 15:10

Sadie seemed lovely. Not much of a talker so far, but Vivica had resolved to work on that. Sadie could also already fly and that was awesome! Vivica had a real love of heights. She loved going on aeroplanes. She loved climbing trees. She loved poking her head of the loft window of their old house when her parents weren’t paying too much attention. She even went in a hot air balloon in spain around her eighth birthday. Her dad was a big wuss, so it was just her mum and the pilot (Dad stayed at the hotel). Mum even let her have a few sips of her wine but Vivica didn’t like it. Really, just the feeling of being off the ground made her happy. Vivica couldn’t wait to get onto a broom. Then she’s be a real witch. ’ALL the cool witches ride brooms!’

“That sounds super fun. Are you good at flying? Are going to join the…” Vivica stuttered trying to remember the name of it. ‘Quid… Quid…’ “Quidditsh team? That’s a flying sport, right?” Vivica liked the idea of the sport but didn’t see herself partaking in it. She tried Hockey at primary school and that ended badly. But then, if she wasn’t meant to flick the ball up into the air, and hit it like a baseball, then they should have told her that beforehand! From then on, Vivica felt a little guilty when ever she caught a glimpse of Stacey D. Stacey P however, would have deserved it. Dangerous play aside, Vivica didn’t much like the idea of falling of a broom. She’d seen how high those goals were, and whilst it looked fun, she had a healthy dose of self preservation.

“Are there any other wizarding… Is wizarding the right word? That seems sexist. Are there any other magical sports?” Vivica asked in a monologue-esk fashion. “Like Dragon racing or invisible football?” Vivica didn’t know. She had no clue what there could be. She’d assumed that dragons were real simply because of the amount of ingredients she’d purchased prior to starting RMI. If they weren’t real then the trades description authority should be involved!

Vivica’s mind started racing with all manor of question. ’How did you know you were a witch? What’s it like having magical parents? Do you have house elves at home? Have you ever met muggles? Is Star Wars real? If so, what happens to bad wizards? Are there any famous muggle wizards.. Like Elvis or David Tennant? Have wizards discovered aliens?’ But that crazy would need to come out later. She’d already over shared with one female student recently. She didn’t want to do it again!

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